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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Monday, April 9, 2012


TheMadSlasher loves Iceman. Specifically, the Iceman from the X-Men Animated Series episode "Cold Comfort." He even wrote a fanfic following the events, called "Cryogenic Savagery," which can be found at Aff.net and Y-Gal. It's good stuff.

As a special request, he wanted to start an RP with that Iceman and my uber-slut version of Wolverine, to better develop Bobby's sexual side. Obviously I wasn't about to say no! :D

This was that RP. Enjoy!


LOGAN: *smirks around his smoldering cigar; he wears a leather jacket, boots, and gloves, and nothing else.* "Here ya go, Frosty...me, a smoky basement, all the leather ya could ever wanna wear, an' a sling ta do the fuckin' in. Spent all day settin' this up...now I wanna spend all night with ya wearin' it out." *he gestures to a pile of leather clothes laid out for Bobby to wear. Their scent and the scent of his cigar are distilled into a masculine incense that permeates the room.* "Go ahead, stud...anythin' ya want. You been a good friend ta me when I needed one...now it's time ta return the favor."
BOBBY: [gulps and goes scarlet as he looks at the sight. This is better than the best dude-porn ever... ohfuckohfuckohfuck. He doesn't take long before the suit is tossed and he's wearing something very like his typical leather punk-type outfit, boots, gloves, modern jacket, but no shirt this time. He then walks over to Logan..] "Jeez, Logan... thanks! Big time thanks! So, well, got a big menu to pick from. Like Choose-Your-Own-Porno-Adventure..." You totally fucking fail at charm, Drake!! "So.. speaking of the menu...." [he manages to smirk, and finally picks up enough impulsive courage to pluck the cigar from Logan's lips before moving in to kiss the Canadian; his tongue savors the smoky flavor of the wildman and he groans slightly]
LOGAN: *returns Bobby's kiss hotly, snarling in pleasure, and pulls the other man to him, grinding their leather-clad crotches together while his gloved hands run all along Bobby's smooth, exposed flesh. Even when he breaks the kiss, his hands don't stop moving over the Iceman's torso* "Tell ole Logan what'cha want, pal...where ya wanna start? Got my cabin all to ourselves, the whole night. Wanna jack off right here? 69 under th'stars on the roof? Fuck me on my wolf rug in front'a the fire?" *his voice vibrates through the room, almost as heady as the smoke that still wafts from the cigar as his dark eyes bore into Bobby, the smirk on his face dark and sensual*
BOBBY: [respectfully returns the cigar to the Canadian's mouth, slightly sheepish after quickly snatching it away... don't worry, you don't have a faceful of claw... the chuckle crept up his throat again, and his smirk spread across his scarlet face] "All of the above. And then some. I always wanted to try a few things out... and you're hotter than any leatherdaddy type I've seen in any porn film."
LOGAN: "Thanks for that." *His voice is sincere. He takes the cigar back into his mouth for a long, second drag, then takes it out and kisses Bobby again, the leftover smoke still on his breath as he reaches into the leather pants and pulls out the cryokinetic's cock, stroking it while his lips and tongue work Bobby's mouth, the stubble on his face scratchy but his lips soft and pliant*
BOBBY: The accountant groans again and tries to stifle any laughter at how completely out of his kinkier fantasies this entire moment actually is. The Twilight Zone apparently has a sexy part... he groans again at the taste of the smoke and shivers at the feel of the thick fingers gripping his steel-hard length. His own hands rake up Logan's body, through the elder man's chest fur, and latch onto his nipples. He rolled the firm skin between his fingertips. "Oh fuck.... I'm so fucking hard right now Logan...." he knew what he wanted to do, and knew Logan was willing to do it, yet the image before him seemed to defy that. Fuck the Leather-Daddy. If they ever made a film like that I'd buy ten copies. "Goddammit I wanna fuck you," he said quickly, but eagerly.
LOGAN: *lets out a moan from the attention to his nipples* "Keep playin' with those, an' I ain't gonna argue one fuckin' bit." *His pants drop from his hairy legs and ass, throbbing cock and churning balls springing into view as the feral climbs into the sling, reaches over to the bedside table, and throws his friend the lube.* "Ya know what to do, Popsicle. But get your ass up here...I wanna suck you off while you get me prepped." *his intense eyes stare at Bobby's cock with an almost primal hunger*
BOBBY: At that moment, his face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. He quickly picked up the lube and started drenching his fingers with it. He moved his hips close to the top of the sling, where Logan's ravenous maw lay. The dripping head of his cock moved towards the elder man's lips and a sole finger crept downwards towards Logan's entry. "Thank you... Logan... always wanted to fuck a Leather Daddy but you know them, ninety-seven percent of the time just want something without a spine. And last time I checked, my spine was still in place."
LOGAN: "Damn straight it is...'s why I want'cha ta do this with me..." *then there are no more words from the feral, only grunts and groans that vibrate through the base of Bobby's shaft as he takes the entire thing and swallows it down, his tongue and lips working their unique magic on the meat before him as his own cock leaks, legs spread wide to allow Bobby's fingers the entry he needs*
BOBBY: Every single word practically travelled to his cock, and the sensations were suddenly joined by the warm and swirling and sucking heat of the shorter man's mouth. Bobby's gaze surveyed the sight below; so much leather and muscle and fur and that thick cock and heavy balls and his fingers slowly and delicately moving into this amazingly hot man's ass... "Shit, Logan your mouth is magic, the real kind, not Copperfield's crap...." he feels his own precum begin to leak as the constriction around his fingers rapidly falls. "You're almost ready, right?"
LOGAN: *pulls off for a minute* "Ta get fucked? You bet. Ta stop suckin' this gorgeous prick? Not even close." *with a dark chuckle, he dives back onto Bobby's cock with even more gusto than before, determined to milk every last drop of pleasure he can out of his friend with his mouth before his ass gets to work*
BOBBY: "Can't say you lack in enthusiasm!" He replied quickly through shuddering breaths. His chest rose and fell as droplets of sweat trailed through the ridges and valleys of his muscled body. Thank fuck we have all night, he thought as he looked over Logan again.... all the ideas of things to do with him were piling up to the point he should've kept a spreadsheet of them. He wanted him, the man's cock, balls, ass, nipples, everything... even the rugged jawline... he thought of sucking the elder man's gloved fingers and tasting the lingering tobacco on them... first things first, he thought as he managed to coax his cock away from the shorter man's tongue. "Oh man, please, no more or I'll blow too quick...." An idea began forming at the back of his mind.
LOGAN: *looks a little disappointed, but brightens up visibly when he sees the look in Bobby's eyes* "Awright, Frosty. It's yer party, an' chances are I'm gonna love whatever you got planned. So go ahead babe...show me what'cha got." *The challenge in his voice is as erotically charged as the sight of him in the sling, precum glittering in a trail from his cock to his furry abdomen, with more pulsing out all the time. He's clearly in heat now, the passion and primality of the animal mixed with the respect and affection of the man into one sweaty, sexual creature*
BOBBY: The idea at the back of his head felt... wrong. And right. He didn't know how to feel about it... but somehow it only made his cock harder. He's my friend, not my father... but... he then looked into Logan's eyes, but part of him didn't want to ask this. "When I fuck you.. can I... would you want me to call you Dad Logan or? I mean... you look the part." His tone still was hesitant, but the preseed dripping from his manhood kept coming as the head of his cock settled between the elder man's rock hard buttcheeks.
LOGAN: *looks at Bobby for a long moment, and then nods* "If that's what'cha want, then sure...I'll be 'Dad' for ya." *His legs spread wider, to accommodate the head of the shaft pressing between them, and he smiles* "So go ahead, boy...fuck yer Daddy, like ya know ya deserve to."
BOBBY: I don't know whether to feel sick with myself or turned on so fucking much... he began to press forward, his breaths shuddered as he felt Logan's ass open. The constricting heat gave no resistance as his shaft disappeared inch after inch into the elder man. "Oh shit...." he said as his fingers began to dig into Logan's shoulders, "Dad Logan... you're so fucking hot and you feel awesome inside. Just this untamed, untamable leather daddy, you're rebellion-porn..." in spite of his mixed feelings, his cock only felt painfully hard, as if it were about to burst.
LOGAN: "Like Dad, like son, kid," *his eyes slide closed as he lets out a guttural growl of untamable pleasure* "Yer as much a fuckin' rebel as I am, boy...don't you ever forget that...yeah...aww, FUCK yeah..." *His encouraging speech devolves into guttural growls and moans of pleasure as he's filled so completely with Bobby's cock*
BOBBY: The accountant's motions accelerate and even a slight smirk makes its way back onto his face as he moves his length in and out of the feral in erratic, slightly jerky thrusts of varying depth. "Hell yeah, Dad Logan," he replied, "I'm not gonna call you 'Sir', that's for sure Dad. Oh man you take my cock so fucking well, you look so damn hot all spread out for me, and you want it so fucking much...." Energy began to pool in his balls, but he felt a warmth in the pit of his stomach... you're as much a rebel as I am... Logan's words somehow managed at that moment to kill all the shame, either short-circuiting the logic or completing it in some way he didn't get yet. "You hot arrogant leather dad, taking your son's cock and loving it..."
LOGAN: "You bet'cher sweet ass I'm lovin' it...yeah! YEAH!" *Logan's snarling in pleasure now, writhing under his friend/son's cock as he clutches the chains holding up the sling for support. His whole body glistens with sweat, his eyes sparkling with intensity, fellowship, defiance, and that scorching lust that always seems to smolder at the core of his being, fanned into full flame by the fucking* "Fuckin' plow yer Daddy like ya always wanted to! I fuckin' love it, boy, I need it! Harder, babe, you c'n do it, yer so fuckin' hot, an' ya got me so fuckin' horny...FUCK ME, DRAKE!"
BOBBY: The sheer energy and rage and pleasure that coursed through Logan's thrashing body... the snarling voice.. the implicit challenge, not to conquer but to rise up... the respect and desire and need of the moment... and the aching heat in his balls... all finally reach a peak. It doesn't take long... only a few more deep, long, crown-to-balls-deep thrusts of his cock before the younger man gasps and yells and fills the elder man with seed. "Hell yeah, Dad! I'm gonna fill you as long and deep as you want it!" He gasped with each burst he sent into Logan's body, his brow furrowed and teeth clenched as his synapses tore apart with pleasure.
LOGAN: "Yeah, Bobby, shoot it in me, don't stop fuckin', gettin' close...awww FUUUUUCK!" *The shout comes at the top of his lungs as his whole body convulses, writhing in the grip of the best orgasm he's had in weeks as his cock pulses and spits in his frantically-jerking gloved fist. Ropes of glittering seed splash across his furry torso as he grunts, groans, and pants, his churning, writhing body finally coming to rest after what feel like minutes of unadulterated bliss at the hands of his rebellious young friend* "fuck...Drake...that was fuckin' incredible..."
BOBBY: The cryokinetic watches through hazy vision as seismic shocks tear through Logan's body. His chest rises and falls at a slower rhythm to the elder man. After a few moments of quiet, he nodded. "Yeah.... that was a damn good lay...." he then paused again. "Sorry if... that was a creepy thing to ask," he said again in a hesitant tone.
LOGAN: *lets out a chuckle* "I been asked ta do weirder." *grabbing a towel to mop himself up, he offers one to Bobby, and a bottle of water as well* "It was kinda hot, tell ya th' truth...I c'n see why Slim loves fuckin' around with his dad so much."
BOBBY: [gratefully accepts the towel and the water bottle with a smile and nod] "Yeah.... you're like the opposite of all of 'em... but it was still hot calling you that... I'm sure Hank would Freud me to pieces over it. None of it makes sense."
LOGAN: "One thing I learned a long time ago," *takes a swig of his own water as he climbs out of the sling* "is that sex don't always gotta make sense, long as it feels good an' don't hurt nobody."
BOBBY: The accountant nods. He doesn't know if it does or doesn't make sense... but at that moment, he didn't care. The night was still young.


Saturday, December 10, 2011


9 months after my five-part Scogan story, I didn't think I'd go back to writing them. But a Marvel kink meme asked for Scott/Logan, and gave me a scenario that I could get behind.

So, here, have yet more Scogan! (I'm just glad I'm writing again!)


"Scott! What in the Goddess' name happened to you?"

Scott Summers looked up from his coffee to see Ororo standing at the counter, gaping at him as if he'd grown an extra head.

At first he didn't understand what she meant...he felt wonderful this morning, better than he had in weeks...then he remembered the scratches. Shallow things, mostly healed, but all over his body.

He opened his mouth, wondering what in God's name he would say, when she traced one of the scratches with a finger and an appraising eye.

"Three parallel lines..." She shook her head. "Really, Scott, how much longer is this foolish feud with Logan going to last?"

He simply closed his mouth and shrugged, grateful for once that his ruby-quartz lenses hid the relief in his eyes. She still doesn't know.

As she turned and walked back up the stairs to her attic, tea in hand, Scott's mind wandered back to the events of the night before, a rare smile splitting his face.


"Yeah, Summers...YEAH! God, ya got such a fuckin' tight ass...aww, shit! Christ! I'm fuckin' CUMMIN!"

Scott let out a groan of delight as he felt Logan tense up above him, his seed flooding the man's insides. His cock stayed rock-hard beneath him, slapping his belly in time with Logan's slowing thrusts.

Finally, Logan collapsed beside him, a sated, predatory grin on his face. "Fuck, Slim...that never gets old. Yer an amazin' lay."

"You too." Scott started, then hesitated. "Although..."

Logan propped his head up on one arm, his intense eyes boring into the back of Scott's skull. "What's up?"

Scott considered his words for a moment, then let out a breath. "Every time we're together, it kind of goes the same way. It always ends with me on all fours while you fuck me. Now, it's incredible, don't get me wrong...but have you ever thought about maybe...switching up, once in a while?"

Logan's face clouded over, and Scott mentally kicked himself. Great. Now he probably won't want to touch me again. Brilliant idea, Summers.

At length, Logan spoke. "It ain't that I didn't want you ta get a turn, Scotty," he started. "It's just...you ain't never had any complaints before. Thought you were just a bottom when it came ta manfuckin'."

Scott chuckled. "Well, with a dick like yours I haven't exactly had a reason to complain."

Logan grinned at the compliment "But yeah...just never thought about it. An' that's a shame," Logan said as he reached over with a rough palm and tugged at Scott's jutting, still-hard member, "'cause you got some nice meat between yer legs too."

Scott turned around, arms going around Logan as he kissed him, hotly, passionately. Their nude bodies ground together, Logan's coarse fur scraping over Scott's finer body hair as their cocks pressed together.

"Gotta warn ya," Logan breathed out. "when I got somethin' inside me...I can't always control 'em." He nodded suggestively at his knuckles. "Might give ya a couple new beauty marks ya didn't plan on havin'." For all that he had just come, Logan's cock was springing back to life.

"It'll be fine," Scott said. "I trust you." For a moment, he thought about throwing his earlier statement to the winds and riding his teammate's beautiful pillar of man-meat again.

But then Logan pushed Scott roughly onto his back, kissing him the whole way down. Even the burning of his stubble felt hot to Scott's over-stimulated nerves. "Logan," he started. "You're..."

"Shhh," the older man interrupted, a finger to his lips. "You asked fer this, so just lie back an' let the ole Canucklehead do all the work."

If he hadn't been so turned on, Scott would have laughed.

The rest of the night was a blur of flesh and sweat, heat and lust, all of it to the soundtrack of Logan's rough, smoky voice stoking the fires of Scott's loins with all kinds of filth. Every now and then, Logan would tense up around Scott's cock, scream out an obscenity, and cum all over his chest and stomach. The convulsions of his ass around Scott's cock would drive him over the edge as well, and he'd cry out Logan's name as he shot another load into the feral's hairy, muscular, fucking perfect ass.

The younger man had no idea how he'd lasted as long as he had. It was like Logan's superhuman stamina was rubbing off on him, egging him on to keep fucking as long as Logan wanted. Hank might have said something scientific about pheromones, but Scott didn't really care. It all added up to the best night of his life, watching Logan pleasure himself on Scott's cock until neither of them could move anymore.

Finally, when the sky was just starting to go from black to slate-grey with dawn's first light, Logan leaned down and kissed Scott again, the two lovers collapsing in each other's arms.

It was a perfect moment...and then Scott heard a sound from somewhere inside Logan's throat.

"Are you...purring?"


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Logan/Chris Redfield RP

I think this is the single longest smut story I've ever posted.

TheMadSlasher returns in this utterly SCORCHING RP between his Wolverine and my depiction of Chris Redfield, as he appeared in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

The premise is unusual this time around: Chris Redfield and Damon Baird end up at the Xavier Institute after inter-dimensional fuckery. Damon ran across Chris when he first arrived, and they ended up fucking. Now it's that same night, and Logan and Chris are in the middle of a conversation that, if anyone knows anything about mine or Slasher's Logans, inevitably leads to yet more manfucking. ^_^



TheMadSlasher: LOGAN: "Zombies?" Logan asked with a cocked eyebrow. "Yeah, they're bad too. Listen.." he began as his growl got a bit deeper and lustier, but not too much, "I know what really helps... ain't gonna pressure ya. Just offerin'."

Ingonyama: CHRIS: *doesn't respond at first...he's too dumbstruck with the offer. Though the signs are certainly there...his face flushing, his chest covered in a sheen of sweat that has nothing to do with nightmares, and a tent forming in the sheet covering his muscular lower half* Y-you're serious?

LOGAN: Logan breathed in the scent; all the chemical confirmation that showed Chris wanted it. He kept his voice low... almost soothing. "Oh yeah. I know tha shithole yer in. Wanna help ya dig outta it..." He still didn't extend his hand yet. He stood up first then offered his hand to him. "No pressure, and tha offer always stands if ya don't want it now. But fuck, big guy, I want ya."

CHRIS: *takes Logan's hand...and then pulls himself up by it, the sheet dropping away from his naked form, his erection stiff and rampant as he looks down at the shorter man* "Does this answer your question?"

LOGAN: The Canadian grins widely; his sharp teeth flash as his tongue travels across his lips. "Best answer ya can get." His voice still stays low and soothing; a deep and comforting rumble. "My room? Or yours?"

CHRIS: "This kind of...is my room, right now." *gestures to the sofa and his surrounding luggage...what little of it there is*

LOGAN: [nods] "We better get ya one... but if ya wanna big bed, my room's got one. Here's fine though; its your choice." In his mind though, he knows what choice he wants Chris to make. My room, so I can lay ya down softly on my bed an' make love ta ya so long an' gentle you'd be moanin' non stop...

CHRIS: "Yours is fine...I get the feeling I'm not gonna want to be a public spectacle in the morning." *smirks* "If we're not still doing it...you're probably the hottest guy here, you know that?"

LOGAN: The feral smirks; but a warm smile lies beneath the hungry leer. "Really? Ya think so? Who else have ya seen?" Logan began to pace backwards through the hallway, beckoning Redfield closer with each step he took.

CHRIS: "Well, that grumpy Baird guy...and I met Scott...and some guy with red eyes has been leering at me since I got here..." *Heedless of his own nudity, Chris follows Logan like some sort of testosterone-laden white rabbit, drinking in every aspect of the feral man's features with his eyes*

LOGAN: Logan's eyes moved up and down Chris's body with open hunger. Only now did he fully grasp Redfield's hotness. The stubble, the huge muscles, the brown body hair, the handsome face... "Yer so fuckin' hot yerself Chris. Ya know that? So handsome an' built.... its gonna be real sweet bein' able ta play with ya..." and suddenly as he was backing up the stairs his thought processes froze. "Baird?!?" he said almost in shock. "How tha fuck did ya get him inta tha sack?!?"

CHRIS: "He kind of...initiated. I dunno, I guess I was feeling sorry for myself, and I guess he felt sorry for me too...or something."

LOGAN: "If ya got him inta bed that easy, shows just how hot ya are," Logan says as his voice returned to that hypnotic, soothing rumble. Finally they were at his door. He opened it. "Just gonna promise ya... I ain't gonna hurt ya, degrade ya or make ya feel anythin' but pleasure. Ya can hold me ta that promise."

CHRIS: "Never crossed my mind that you'd do otherwise..." *steps into the room, and just like flipping a switch, he's all over Logan, kissing his face, his neck, his hands roaming and groping everywhere, pulling at the feral's clothes as his shaft grows harder and hotter between them*

LOGAN: The feral quickly removes his shirt and just relishes in the friction of his hard, furry muscles grinding against Chris's own intimidating set of pecs. He growls as he feels Chris's kisses all over him. He wants to almost devour this man; to go wild with every kind of lust and just screw him... no... ya need somethin' else... ya need this... I'm gonna give it ta ya. "Stop", he whispered quietly.

CHRIS: *forces himself to do as Logan says, his breath harsh and panting* "S-sorry...it's just been really intense since I got here...like, with the pressure off...I've gotten a hundred times hornier."

LOGAN: The shorter man looks into the brown eyes of Redfield. "I know," he continues again in that soothing rumble, "but I promised I'm gonna help make ya feel better, an' I know just tha thing...." he moved foward and let his hands move up Chris's body slowly. "Lie back," he growled again

CHRIS: *lies down on the bed, on his back, spread-eagled. His entire body is exposed to Logan's gaze, to whatever the feral might wish to do to him, as his cock sticks up like a flagpole, hard as diamonds, a tiny trail of precum leaking from the head. His dark eyes look into Logan's cobalt ones with naked trust and unbridled lust...his whole body shaking with the effort it takes to maintain his self-control.*

LOGAN: The feral smiled slightly at the trust as he crept up between Chris's legs. He lay on his knees in between the wide-splayed legs of the Cop. His blue eyes zoomed right in on Redfield's shaft; about Baird's size, he thought hungrily. He then began to lean in. His tongue crept out of his mouth and slowly wrapped around the thick shaft.

CHRIS: *his eyes slide closed at the first feel of Logan's tongue, and his hands go down to bury his fingers in Logan's coarse, black hair...not to control him or guide his movements, but just to feel him, to reassure himself this isn't just a fantastic wet dream.*

LOGAN: The feral lets groans well up from his lungs as his hot mouth engulfs Chris's shaft. The feeling even of Redfield's hand in his wild mane encourages him to keep taking Chris's length deeper. His throat constricts around the taller man's shaft and his tongue slides out to lick Chris's low-hanging balls all over. He keeps the movements slow and lets Chris feel every single second of motion as its own unique moment.

CHRIS: *tries to control himself, whimpers and gasps of pleasure escaping his mouth. He's never been the most patient of men, and part of him wishes to just grab the sexy creature at his knees and press up against him, rubbing their cocks and bodies together until they explode all over each other. But at the same time...Logan's teasing, tantalizing licks feel wonderful, as does his mouth around his shaft...so Chris controls himself, and lets Logan continue to set the excruciating pace.*

LOGAN: The feral already tastes the pre-seed as his mouth continues to devour and lick and suckle and engulf the delicious, rock hard shaft. He pulls off for a second just to plant trails of kisses up and down the shaft and the balls before diving back and swallowing the whole manhood in a single gulp. Low purrs of satedness continue to emerge from his lungs and send rumbles through Redfield's body. Ya deserve this pal... relax, feel warm, feel safe.

CHRIS: The cop cries out and moans, trying his best not to cum too soon, to draw out the experience as long as possible...he tries to relax himself, to keep letting Logan set the pace and the tone...his fingers tighten in Logan's hair, and he wordlessly begs the feral...for what, he doesn't know.

LOGAN: Logan doesn't relent. He keeps sucking on the hard rod with the same affection and methodical care he has shown before. His cobalt eyes stare up into Redfield with a silent request. Cum fer me Chris.... shoot yer load... this ain't gonna be tha first time ya cum tonight.... he knows his thoughts won't convince Chris to cum, but his tongue was being much more persuasive as he massaged the sensitive spot just beneath the crown.

CHRIS: Doesn't take much persuasion at all as Logan's insistent, careful ministrations push him over the edge the first time...he lets out a long, drawn-out groan as his cock swells and bursts, the orgasm surging through him as his whole body convulses, then goes limp, his chest heaving and panting with the thrill. The edge is off...but Chris still looks down at Logan with hunger in his eyes*

LOGAN: Logan greedily swallows every drop of seed without even a second's hesitation. His own cock itself is practically bursting and straining against his pants as his mouth reluctantly lets go of Redfield's manhood. He leans back up; still kneeling between the taller man's splayed legs as a few stray droplets of sweat fall from his face and down into the thick forest of black fur on his stocky torso. "Yer real tasty Chris," he began in the low, warm growl he was using tonight. His gaze was warm too; not the ravenous predatory hunger but rather an understanding. "That's tha first time ya cum. Its gonna happen more.... an' now my mouth's free I can keep talkin' non-stop..."

CHRIS: "That...was amazing...I've never had one like that before..." *swallows hard* "It's going to take me a minute to get back up to speed...but in the meantime...I've wanted a taste of you since I first saw you."

LOGAN: The feral still breathed heavily in the mirage-like state of the afterglow. He knelt between the thick legs of the Cop and looked into his eyes. He wore only his fiercely-tented boxers as the few drops of sweat moved through the forest of dark hair on his pecs. He then slid down and lay aside Redfield's torso. He lay on his side and his right hand began to move through the thick brown hair on Chris's perfect abs. "How d'ya feel now?" he asked in his familiar comforting rumble with a smirk on his face.

CHRIS: *feels his breathing slow and steady, his whole body relax for the first time in what feels like years.* "Wow...this is...new." *looks down at Logan, his chest heaving.* "It's weird...at the same time I'm...relaxed..." *he says the word as if it's alien to him* "...and I still wanna do more for you. Lose the boxers and come on up here...it's your turn."

LOGAN: "Not yet... much as I wanna..." he replied slowly as his fingers began to simply move over Redfield's body. His fingertips moved through the valleys between the other man's muscles, through the thick brown fur on the other man's body, across the scars he felt there. "Breathe slow an' steady.... fuck yer a total hunk ya know that?" His face moved into the crook of Chris's neck; his long sideburns ground across the Cop's shoulder. "I'm gonna make ya feel so amazin'... all that tension will flow outta yer body..." His fingers kept tracing slowly as his lips began to move across the rough stubble on Chris's chin. He purred as he left a line of nibbles and kisses on the scratchy surface.

At that moment the feral straddled Redfield's body. His fingers kept wandering through the dense brown hair coating the cop's muscles. He caressed every scar slowly; his cock was almost bursting with pressure. His left hand's fingertips slowly drifted down Chris's side at that point... he felt three lines. Perfectly parallel. The look on his face quickly grew darker as he looked down at the side of Chris's torso. Fuck, he thought. "Ya fought me, didn't ya?" he said in the familiar comforting rumble; his tone now stained with regret.

CHRIS: "No..." *shuddering, Chris gasps...he's just come, and already Logan's touch is fire on his skin, bringing his lust back to life, making him burn for more.* "He looked like you, talked like you...but whoever he was, he wasn't you...it wasn't this..."

LOGAN: The Canadian paused for a second before his face dipped down again. He pressed his lips against each raised line; let his tongue move along the length of each scar. His right hand stayed on Chris's abs and moved with reassuring petting. Yeah... wasn't me... but ya don't deserve any more sufferin'...

CHRIS: *gasps pleasurably as Logan licks him, his back arching as he moans aloud.* "F-fuck...Logan..." *He doesn't begrudge the other Logan his actions...Chris was just as confused and defensive as he was. But to feel this Logan's sympathy come out through his actions...it's a kind of caring Chris has never experienced before.*

LOGAN: The shorter man sat up again; his shins still astride Chris's torso. His fingers began to move their way up the man's chest, raking through the body hair and softly grasping the hardened skin of Redfield's nipples. Each hand grasped each nipple by thumb and forefinger and slowly began to tweak the firm nubs back and forth. "Yeah, we'll get ta that later handsome..." he whispered, "yer so fuckin' hot, buff, a real hunk. Yer gonna feel so good after this, an' yer gonna get a long, deep, dreamless sleep lyin' in my arms... I know ya need it."

CHRIS: *his nipples swell under Logan's ministrations, and he groans aloud again* "L-Logan...let me...I want to do this to you..."

LOGAN: The Canadian saw the blush on Chris's face, the earnest gaze in those brown eyes, the rise and fall of the man's muscled chest... Fuck, I wanna pal, he thought as he imagined Chris doing the same to him. But he wasn't going to... not yet. "I'd like ya to.... but later... I wanna see all tha tension flow outta yer body... lemme help ya unwind." His fingers kept kneading the rock-hard nipples slowly and just a bit firmly. "We got a lotta fun ta be had..." He looked into those eyes again; the red veins of so little sleep. He remembered his own sleepless nights; the times he awoke and tore his room apart in terror. That terror's over... fer both of us. He felt Chris's cock grinding against the package of his boxer shorts. "Don't worry... these'll come off in just a minute.."

CHRIS: *nods wordlessly, biting his lip in frustration even as Logan's hands and voice and body work their magic, Chris's naked crotch presses against Logan's boxers and the bulge within them desperately...he wants to please Logan as intensely...as thoroughly...as Logan's pleasing him. His cock leaks pre-cum at the thought, the head darkening and glistening with it as he struggles to rein in his own lust.*

LOGAN: Logan quickly leaned forward and began trailing another line of kisses, left to right, along Redfield's stubbled jawline. His teeth nibbled at the scratchy surface and he purred softly. His fingers departed from the diamond-hard nipples atop Chris' luscious pecs and he slid off the taller man's body. Immediately he kicked off his black boxers and let his manhood show; his cock was average in length but generously thick and rose proudly above a low-hanging set of balls. He immediately then straddled the cop again with a playful smirk in his eye. "Yer choice... ya wanna suck, grind or fuck?"

CHRIS: "Oh fuck..." *Logan's shorts come off and it's RIGHT THERE, almost a perfect match for his own, but even thicker...and it's beautiful and hot and Chris can feel everything, his cock is going to burst if he doesn't do SOMETHING, and fast...* "Fuck, I want...I want all of it, everything...but I don't think I'm gonna last..." *with deceptive speed and reflexes, considering his bulk, he wraps his arms and legs around Logan and pulls him in, so that their bodies are mashing together in an orgy of skin, fur, and sweat, his lips crushing themselves to the feral's in a kiss of desperate lust. He starts moving almost instantly, his cock grinding up and down the length of Logan's as he gives himself over to the wildness inside, the celebration of fellowship with this sexy beast, this passionate, caring man, his hands digging into Logan's back with almost-bruising force as he groans aloud at the feel of the muscles beneath the skin. Logan is the hottest thing he's ever come across, and Chris intends to show him exactly that. Extensively.*

LOGAN: "Whoa!" the Feral growls in surprise as he feels Chris's massive arms ensnare him and hold him tight against that tall, built, rock-hard body. He feels those lips against his own and the other rock-hard cock grinding along his shaft. Every neuron in his brain seemed to explode for just that one second... but he quickly pulled himself in and got his wide palm wrapped around both their cocks. "Whoa there..." he said, "this ain't a race... I wanna make this last fer us... fer you..." make it real special an' slow... He began moving again at a steady rhythm, grinding up and down Chris' body at a measured pace. He could feel the other man's heart nearly bursting through the ribcage as they ground together. "Ya ain't gotta fight no more..." he continued in his comforting purr, "ya can lay down yer arms an' only pick 'em up when ya wanna. Yer free from that past..."

CHRIS: *struggles to regain control of himself, again...why the hell am I having so much trouble doing it his way?...and tries his best to go along with the slow, torturous grinding. After a while, he finds himself calming down, regaining control of his faculties, even as his cock remains at mast from both the rippling sensuality of Logan's moves and the rumbling heat of his words burning through the cop's mind.*

LOGAN: The Canadian saw the almost anguished need of the man beneath him to get off; began feeling his own cock starting to leak. They were both right there on the razor's edge, both men looking over a precipice just about to jump. "Alright... ya wanna cum now?" Logan asked. "Because fuck, yer so sexy just lookin' at ya makes my balls ache..." He watched the drops of sweat snake down Redfield's face.

CHRIS: "Promise that won't be the end of it?" *he wants to say yes right away...to just grab Logan and thrust between those furry, muscular thighs until he just shoots and shoots...but not if it means an end to the wonderful, amazing night he's been having thus far.* I don't wanna stop...not yet... *his cock grinds against Logan, as hard as adamantium and hot as a furnace, about to make his decision for him if he doesn't.*

LOGAN: "I promise," he replied with a naughty smirk on his face before he suddenly began gripping both of their cocks harder and moving his fist up and down the steel-hard, aching shafts. His breaths sped up as his heartbeat began to stampede. Fuck, ya deserve this Chris he thought as he dragged himself and his partner closer to that mind-shattering moment of pure ecstasy.

CHRIS: *the relief he feels almost outweighs the maddening horniness that's taken him over so completely. Keeping perfect time with Logan, he bucks his hips in Logan's fist, his arms and legs wrapping back around the stockier man as he lets his pleasure overwhelm him. Words finally make it out of his throat as he speeds closer to the edge of the precipice* "Oh, Logan...you know how hot you make me? How everything you do is just driving me completely wild? I want to do more with you...I want to suck your cock dry, till you dry-orgasm in my mouth, then I want to fuck you, however you want...hard, slow, any way that gets you off....and I want to ride your cock until we both...we both...OH GOD! FUCK! LOGAAAAAAN!" *His eyes squeeze shut and his face contorts in ecstasy as his cock finally swells in Logan's fist, against Logan's own cock, and erupts in a flow of seed, down his chest and abs, his whole body shuddering again with the intensity of his release as he pants and gasps and cries out in raw pleasure*

LOGAN: The Canadian reaches that apex as Chris does; his fingers dig into the sheets as the heat and pressure in his groin finally reach breaking point. He comes with his eyes clamped shut and Chris's voice saying everything that they both want... his mind goes blank as he releases with one final, deep, swelling growl that echoes off the walls of the room.

The feral lay atop the built, thickly-furred chest of the cop with a smile on his face. He felt the chest below him rise and fall steadily. "Damn that was good," he purred as he began nuzzling back into the crook of Chris's neck.

CHRIS: *comes down slowly, his broad chest heaving with his panting breaths, as his arms go around Logan to pull him in close for a tender embrace* "Sure was..." *He lets his breathing steady and his heart rate slow, his body relaxing as he simply enjoys the feel of Logan's body against his. "Wow...your skin's really warm..."

LOGAN: The Canadian growled softly as he felt those huge biceps surrounding him with such care... yer a real softy, ya hunk he thought as his own shaft began to harden up again. "Yeah... I heal real fast.. so I go through a lotta energy. And as ya probably realized, makes me able ta get rock-hard pretty quick after I cum, too." He smirked devilishly at that. His own arms wrapped around the cop's broad back as he softly began to chew on the thick neck. "There's still more fun ta be had, pal... an' speakin' o' that, I wanna ride yer cock."

CHRIS: "You want to..." *he knows he suggested it mere minutes ago, but the thought that it could actually happen is unreal enough...and hot enough...to set Chris stiffening beneath Logan's body again.* "Damn...just when I think you can't possibly get any sexier, the filthiest goddamn things come from your mouth..." *he bends down to kiss the shorter, stockier man, feeling his lust reawaken and quicken in him again*

LOGAN: "Fuck yeah, I wanna," he replied between kisses; his fuzzy sideburns grinding against Chris's stubbled jaw as their lips intertwined. He felt Redfield's maleness begin to harden and the smell of pheremones spike in the air. As he kissed the taller man beneath him, his hand quickly grabbed the tube of lube from the nightstand and he straddled the cop and slid down the built body. "Didn't think I'd be tha type ta wanna be fucked, huh?" he asked as he squeezed a dollop of lube onto his hand.

CHRIS: *his brain is awash with hormones...his ability to process information is seriously hampered by flesh and body hair and fuck, can this man kiss! But when Logan asks him the question, he chuckles slightly, because apparently the feral is also a mind-reader* "No...I mean, I wanted to, but...you're just like...I don't know..." *his eyes roam up and down the naked, muscular, beautiful body atop him* "...like testosterone personified. Like if someone could take everything that makes a man a man and roll it up in skin...it'd be you. But...knowing you want it...god-damn...we're back to the 'you're insanely fucking hot' thing."

LOGAN: The stocky man actually chuckles in reply before his hand quickly slathers the slippery gel over Redfield's cock. "Take it from me, any man that won't take what he gives, unless he's got a medical excuse, is a fuckin' coward, brute and parasite." His voice became stained with venom at the end of the sentence, even if those days of his were well in the past. "I know whatcha need, Chris," he continued with his comforting growl, "I been there before... first ya need someone ta ride yer dick, and after that, I'm gonna give ya a long, slow, deep buddy-fuck that'll take all that stress an' sufferin' outta yer hot body." He then quickly positioned his ass right atop Chris's cock whilst straddling the man; his cobalt eyes bore into the taller man's brown gaze. "Sound good?"

CHRIS: *meets Logan's blue gaze with his brown, his eyes intense, dark, and pleading. His fists clench spasmodically as he shudders, dick steel-bendingly hard* "D-do it, Logan...please...I want this. Want you..."

LOGAN: The shorter man's own cock stood proudly; it throbbed so hard that Logan thought his balls were about to burst. "My pleasure," he replied. In a very gradual motion, the feral leaned back (letting the thick chunky muscles of his torso flex) and sank down onto Redfield's manhood. A deep rumble spilled from his throat as he felt the throbbing heat and immense pressure move further upward inside of him with intensity that bordered but never crossed the line into pain. He clenched his jaw as he took more and more of the taller man's cock inside his body.

CHRIS: *couldn't look away right now if he wanted to...the purest specimen of masculinity he's ever laid eyes on is sinking down onto his cock...his cock!...and loving every second. The cop's world explodes into detail...he memorizes every line, every muscle on Logan's face as it happens, drinking in the sight of the muscular, hirsuite torso, jutting cock, and black-furred balls so prominently on display for him. Logan's growl of pleasure vibrates through Chris' entire body, and his cock swells inside Logan, made somehow even harder by the raw eroticism of the moment.*

LOGAN: The feral felt Chris's heartbeat through the pulsing of the cock buried inside him; the sore heat in his balls only built up with more pressure. His own hand moved to grip his thick length and he began to pull up again. The delicious friction shot up his spine as he felt Chris's cock start to slide out of his body. His eyes feasted again on the buff, stubbled, brown-haired, massive-biceped man beneath him. "Fuck... Redfield yer so fuckin' hot, ya know that? Ya got any idea how fuckin' manly ya look? Used a mirror lately, pal?" He sank back down again with a grunt. "Fuck, ya feel so good inside me, yer cock grindin' against my sweet spot so bad.." He moved up and down at a measured, steady rhythm as his fist moved up and down his own stout shaft. "C'mon Chris, tell me how it feels."

CHRIS: "Feels amazing...looks even better." *Chris watches Logan breathlessly, gripping the feral's powerful thighs so he can feel the play of his muscles as he works his magic* "God, I wish I had a video camera...or a mirror." *he chuckles ruefully* "wish I could show you how incredible you look, make you feel as fucking amazing as I do right now." *Watching Logan react to the pleasure he feels is just as good as having his cock buried deep within the feral's ass, and Chris makes no secret of his appreciation, not taking his dark, penetrating gaze off Logan for a moment.*

LOGAN: Growls, gasps and groans spill from the Canadian's throat as he speeds up his riding of Chris's cock. His own thick shaft begins to drip precum as he moves up and down with more haste. "Fuck yeah Chris, I'm so fuckin' hot right now... gettin' real close... what about you? My ass milkin' yer cock fer another load?" His spare hand then quickly moves up Chris's chest and tweaks the taller man's right nipple again, a firm but not hard twist. "I fuckin' want ya stud, and I ain't cummin' without ya."

CHRIS: *Gasps and pants, crying out as his nipple is played with, but he shakes his head* "This is incredible...but...we just came not that long ago. I'm only human...it's a wonder I'm this hard this quick...not to mention a testament to how fucking hot you are."

LOGAN: The feral quickly slammed himself back onto the hilt of Chris's cock and began planting a long line of nibbles along Redfield's thick shoulders. At one point he slowly chewed the flesh until a bright red hickey showed; he could feel the blood rushing beneath the skin as he left that bite there. As his free hand kept rolling the diamond-hard nipple between thumb and forefinger, he let out another growl right next to Chris's ear. "Fuck that feels good... havin' ya so deep inside me.... left that mark on yer neck because ya deserve it, I only give those ta my friends..." He clenched his ass muscles around the steel length inside him. "Ya got no fuckin' idea how hot ya are... shit, just like Baird. C'mon, look in a mirror sometime, yer fuckin' amazin'.... feel that pressure buildin'?"

CHRIS: "Ohh fuck...y-yeah..." *he does, too...the feel of Logan's teeth against his neck, a mark of fellowship and brotherhood, not of power or dominance, makes him quiver all over again. His lust surges up within him, a force of nature blasting away his weariness, his trauma, leaving nothing but passion, mixing with the brotherhood and gratitude he feels toward Logan.* Is this...? *But Chris knows it's nothing so demanding as the word he won't give voice to. No, this is bonding, mutual admiration and respect, and Chris is happy to partake in it.* "F-fuck...my cock's making a liar out of me..."

LOGAN: The feral lets out a dark, almost predatory chuckle. "Yeah.... ya can feel it can ya? Right on tha razor's edge..." His own balls were nearly bursting; his fist was death-grip tight to prevent cumming too early. He resumed moving up and down at a grinding, measured pace as yet more growls and purrs dripped from his mouth and droplets of preseed slid down his length. He could barely contain it; the heat, the sweat, the sheer need... the cocktail of desperation, sympathy and comfort born of respect rather than pity went to his head faster than Bobby's punch. Not to mention the thick cock filling him up and the unmentionably hunky body beneath him. "Yer nearly there, ain't ya?"

CHRIS: *can see how close Logan is...how hard he's trying not to fire ff his load too early...and the state he's put himself in has an effect on Chris. It only makes him hotter...and Chris wants to watch him cum again, more than anything in the world.* "C-close...damn...want to see you cum again..."

LOGAN: Logan smirked at what seemed like an invitation. "Your choice, Chris," he growled before he quickly sped up his riding; his fist began to slide up and down his own cock with remarkable haste. He clenched his jaw and furrowed his brow as the growls from his throat became deeper, rougher and more impulsive; fragmented syllables quickly became replaced with only grunts as the energy in his body reached absolute critical mass. At that final second his mind went blank; his ass muscles began to spasm as the knot in his gut snapped and he shot his load for the third time that evening.

CHRIS: *his pants turn to gasps as he watches Logan start the final plunge, and his gasps turn to moans when the grunting starts. By the time Logan's orgasm hits full swing, the moans have become full-voiced shouts, and Chris is right there with him, pumping short after shot of his load into his friend as his body convulses beneath the other man with the almost-painful force of his orgasm.*

LOGAN: He watched Chris's face as the cop came; it's going away now, isn't it? Tha fear... tha pain... those thick limbs thrashed around just like his own as he felt Chris's load shoot into his body. Logan sat there; he leaned foward and merely gasped for breath as he looked into Chris's handsome face. "Fuck, yer damn good," he replied in a warm, playful rasp.

The mutant lay beside the ex-cop; both of their broad chests heaved as they took in deep breaths. His fingers randomly traced patterns in Chris' dense chest hair as he felt his own cock harden again... o'course, Redfield probably ain't recovered he thought to himself. The other man's body heat radiated into his own flesh. He purred with satisfaction... "fuck, Chris, was real good ridin' yer dick... felt amazin' inside me"

CHRIS: *holds on to Logan with an almost desperate need as his cock slides out of him...it's been so long since someone else did this with him out of anything other than just desperation and physical lust...which, he has to admit, he's very good at inspiring.* "You're telling me...that was incredible." *he leans up and kisses Logan, tentatively, with a bit of hesitation, but no less desirous because of it* I think...I think I owe you one now. And...*he looks down at the swiftly-rising hardness resting against his flat, hard stomach* "God, I want it..."

LOGAN: The Canadian looks into Chris' brown eyes and smiles. "Was plannin' ta let ya relax this evenin... but I ain't gonna say no ta ya handsome." He then straddled the taller man again to make it easy for Chris to suck and positioned the head of his cock on Redfield's lips. "Kiss it first, Chris.... show me how much ya wanna suck it... I ain't gonna shove this in any mouth... I only want people like you suckin' this..."

CHRIS: *reaches out with his tongue and licks the crown slowly, discovering the taste of Logan on his lips and finding it not unpleasant in the least. Then he leaves a trail of slow, wet kisses down the length of the shaft, and on each of the balls, his low moans of appreciation reverberating in Logan's ears*

LOGAN: The feral smirked as his eyes rolled back in pleasure. "Yeah... that's it... yer worthy of my cock, Chris..." he growled. His fingers moved back to Chris' nipples again and slowly tweaked at the hard, sensitive skin. "Fuck, ya got no idea how hot ya are do ya? Ever looked in a mirror? Yer as built as Baird fer fuck's sake..."

CHRIS: *Inhales sharply at the feel of Logan's fingers on his nipples, his whole body seeming to harden as a result of the attention. He can't respond to all the things Logan's saying, but that's OK by him...Chris prefers to dedicate himself totally to the task at hand. Once his trailing kisses go all the way down to the base and back up to the flaring head of Logan's cock, he opens his mouth and swallows the head, his tongue washing over it like a warm, soft wave of flesh. His free hands clutch Logan's beautiful ass, supporting him with those powerful, trained muscles as he sucks, his cock stiff as a board behind Logan as he moans appreciatively around his mouthful*

LOGAN: The shorter man bites his lip at the sudden spike of pleasure he feels as his rigid maleness is surrounded with the heat of Chris's mouth. Another subterranean purr wells up from his lungs as his fingers begin squeezing those nipples slightly harder in almost shock. The soreness in his cock and balls from all the fucking is washed away by another flood of endorphines. His cobalt eyes lock onto Chris's gaze... fuck... this is tha blowjob of dreams... the tongue tracing along the veins of his stout shaft sent sparks of electricity rocketing through his nerves. "Shit, Redfield," he growled, "ya know how ta suck cock... ya know how sexy it is seein' yer lips wrapped around my dick?" He removed one of his hands and placed it behind Chris's head, cradling the man's head to keep things comfortable for him. "Yer safe, away from all tha carnage... I'll fuck those nightmares outta yer skull if its tha last thing I do..."

CHRIS: *his intense, dark eyes, having slid closed for a brief moment of unparalleled bliss, now snap open, holding Logan's gaze with a mix of lust and need...a need to be seen as an equal, which Logan's words satisfy in him, making him harder by the second, one meaty hand wrapping around his cock while the other cups Logan's balls, feeling their black-furred weight roll around between his fingers as he continues his work. He squeezes them gently, just admiring the life inside them...after so many years dealing with death and disease, it's a miracle just to be able to feel another living, breathing body with him, and the fact that it's a body as sexy as Logan's is just an added bonus*

LOGAN: The mutant felt the rough hand gently cup his balls; he groaned at each of the soft squeezes applied to the delicate flesh. His hips moved back and forth; his cock gliding between the lips of the handsome man sucking him. "You're so hot, warm inside..." he rasped as he felt the energy begin to pool in the pit of his stomach, "you're so fuckin' hot I'm gonna cum again soon... and even after that we ain't done yet...." Sweat beaded on his skin as the tendons bulged in his neck. Ain't gonna cum yet... shit he makes it hard ta hold off...

CHRIS: *feels Logan try to resist cumming again, and briefly wonders why, when his powers virtually eliminate his refractory period, but nonetheless takes the challenge, lips and tongue working desperately over the shaft and head as his hand molests the shorter man's laden sac. His groans vibrate straight down the length of the shaft as he fellates his friend valiantly, working to give him as much pleasure as Chris himself has received*

LOGAN: Almost frustrated grunts shoot from the feral's throat as he feels his hips moving foward and back, over and over again, into the relentlessly sucking and licking and hungry mouth of the taller man. "Fuck, Redfield!" he yells as he feels preseed spilling from his shaft... his grip on Chris's head becoming that bit tighter as he feels the familiar tightness in his balls. "I'm gonna cum again, Redfield..." he spurts out in a far too late warning. Its only a matter of seconds before the spasms begins; the feral's load shoots down Chris's throat as he practically roars in completion.*

CHRIS: *Is eager as he drinks down Logan's seed, moans of appreciation coming from him. His cock doesn't cum yet...the next load still isn't ready...but his moans of pleasure, and the way he's greedily gulping down Logan's seed, does suggest that orgasm isn't necessary to enjoy a bout of really good sex. Finally, he pulls off Logan's emptied cock, leaving one last kiss on the crown, and pulls the smaller man in for another tight hug* "Thank you...no one's ever done anything like this for me before."

LOGAN: The Canadian nuzzles into the rock hard, warm flesh surrounding him. Contended purrs come from him as his own trunklike arms surround the taller man. "No one's ever taken tha time ta do this?" he asked in a surprise-stained tone. "Takin' tha time ta.." he paused, if I call it that, would he be turned off? Nah... he's a softy inside.. "ta make love ta ya like this?"

CHRIS: *shakes his head with an almost noncommittal shrug* "When I was in S.T.A.R.S, no one really noticed me. I used to just kind of be the nondescript guy. Then when we started the BSAA...just got too busy saving the world. If I ever got any release with someone else, it was quick and dirty, a fast lube-and-fuck in a back alley somewhere where the monsters couldn't smell us."

LOGAN: Logan's eyes looked into Chris's again; full of sympathy yet devoid of pity. "If they didn't notice ya... their fault..." he then smirked wickedly, "but speakin' of a lube-and-fuck..." his right hand slid beneath Chris's ass and gripped at one of those perfect globes. "Ya got the sweetest ass, Chris... would love ta fuck it if ya let me.... who was tha last lucky bastard ta fuck ya?"

CHRIS: *lets out a moaning sigh of pleasure at the feel of those strong hands on his firm ass...he loves it when a man feels him up there* "Before I got here, there was a friend...Burton, a fellow STARS agent. He was nice...always said he wanted to fuck me proper someday. But since then...just the blond mechanic. Baird, I think his name was." *rubs the back of his head self-consciously* "I don't even know how that happened...one minute we're talking tech stuff, I'm impressed by his savvy. Then I say something...can't help myself...and the next thing I know, he's inside me and I'm needing it, aching for it...I'd almost say something were wrong with me, if I didn't enjoy it so much..." *he smiles ruefully*

LOGAN: The mutant sighed slightly at the feeling of those fingers moving through his chest hair. His voice moved back to the low, soothing growl he used before; he's gotta be sure I wanna do this fer the right reason... because I like him, not ta conquer him. "Was awesome ridin' yer cock, Chris... and I wanna fuck ya... fuck ya real slow and deep... bury my fat cock right ta tha root inside yer tight ass. I ain't gonna hurt ya... I'll be slow and prep ya carefully... spread ya slowly before I slide inta you... ya don't have ta do this, but fuck I wanna do it... you want that Chris? Want me to fuck ya real deep and slow and warm?"

CHRIS: "I know you wouldn't do anything to hurt me, Logan...I trust you." *He smiles. It feels strange on his face, but not bad.* "As for the rest...if it's someone like you, a situation like that...I'd never say no."

LOGAN: The feral grinned warmly; he had to restrain himself from licking his lips. "Thanks..." he purred as he reached for the lube. He quickly slathered it all over his fingers. His index finger moved into the cleft between Chris's buttcheeks and pressed against the entrance, but his gaze wandered over the immense, rock-hard body before him. "Fuck, yer so hot..." he growled again in that soothing tone as his first finger slowly slid into the other man.

CHRIS: *barely feels the entry of Logan's finger, compared to the heat of his gaze and the subtle, vibrating wash of his deep, husky voice over the cop's body. He spreads his legs unconsciously, moaning aloud* "You bring it out of me...I never imagined I could want it this bad, love it this much..."

LOGAN: The Canadian smirked as his second finger approached Redfield's hole. "Stop givin' me credit... look at yerself in tha fuckin' mirror. Yer worthy... so fuckin' worthy..." His free hand gently cradled the taller man's balls as his second finger began to slide into Chris. Each knuckle steadily passed into the younger man's buff body. Tight, but not stranglin'... feels like Baird helped. "Did Damon take his time like this?" Logan asked; his own cock stood rigid as he thought of the blond engineer fucking the brunette cop.

CHRIS: *pushes his hips back into Logan's fingers and moans aloud* "Yeah...yeah, he did. Once he hit the right buttons, I went a little fuck-crazy...wanted him in me right then and there...but he kept me waiting, needing it, until he was sure it wouldn't hurt me." *his face is flushed, sweat pouring down his forehead as he struggles to keep control of himself, not to act on the burning arousal that's seated deep inside him. His broad chest heaves with panting breaths, the delicious torture seeming to bend time into an endless plateau of pleasure that Chris keeps wanting to take higher, to push further...*

LOGAN: chuckled warmly. "Yeah, that's Damon alright. Total softy, ya'd never expect that..." His own fingers slowly spread themselves within Chris's body, delicately loosening the resistant muscle. His face bore an expression of concentration and concern as he moved his fingers around slowly. The third finger approached and paused just before it touched Chris's entrance. "Last finger, handsome. Relax, feel every knuckle slide inta ya..." his deep, comforting purr continued as the third finger moved forward.

CHRIS: *is trembling by now, not with fear but anticipation and the effort of restraint. Even so, he lets out a long, drawn-out moan of pleasure as the third finger slides in. He's never wanted anything more in his life than he wants Logan's cock in him, right now, and he looks at the beautiful wild man with a pleading look in his dark eyes, driven past the capacity for speech by the feelings welling up in him. His cock stands completely at attention, a tower of flesh reaching for the sky, leaking precum without even a touch from the cop's powerful hands.*

LOGAN: The shorter man knew that look. He whispered again; 'you'll have it soon... you'll love it... it'll be worth the wait." His fingers kept moving; sliding in and out and spreading Chris just that tiny bit wider each time. His free hand kept cradling the cop's balls and massaging them softly. "Yeah... I can feel it... yer ready ain't ya? Cmon Chris, say it fer me..."

CHRIS: *looks at Logan, his dark eyes glittering with the effort of actually speaking, his whole being subsumed in pleasure and anticipation and need* "Fuck me, Logan...I'm ready, I want it, it's all I've been able to think about since I laid eyes on you. You're so hot, so sexy...you deserve to fuck me, you're worthy. Give me your cock, now...I need it."

LOGAN: The Canadian placed his hands again on Chris's broad shoulders; the thick head of his manhood pressed between the cop's rock-hard butt cheeks. His eyes had nothing in them but warmth and fellowship; neither a conqueror's triumph nor pity-laden scorn polluted his heavy-browed visage. "And you fuckin' deserve this too, Chris...." he said in that low, comforting tone as he began to move inside the Cop. It was one slow, steady, filling thrust that moved at the perfect pace to give that sensation of synapse-tearing ecstasy without crossing into pain.

CHRIS: *his whole body quivers, eyes locked on Logan's for as long as he can keep them open, a tidal wave of pleasure crashing into him from the inside out. He's sweating, panting, rock-hard, and his muscular legs hook around Logan, pulling him even closer. "DAMN...god-damn...you're so thick...it feels amazing inside me, Logan...haven't had anyone in there in so long..." *indeed, his ass seems to hunger for Logan's cock, stretching to accommodate so smoothly it's as if Logan were fucking a tub of butter instead of a man. But a man looks back at Logan with that fierceness and need in his eyes, and a man grabs him by the shoulders and pulls him in for a hot, needful kiss, and a man's ass clenches tightly around his cock when it's in, letting Logan feel Chris all around him.*

LOGAN: His own cock throbbed even harder as he watched those deep brown eyes go from puppy-dog eyes to a feirce, hungry gaze that wanted and demanded the fucking. The clenching around his dick had practically his whole blood supply down there... "feel me there Chris, givin' ya what ya need.... fuckin' ya how ya deserve ta be fucked... yer strong an' noble, just tha kind o'man worthy o'my cock..." His mouth never stopped but he just held still inside the Cop's body... letting those sensations just flow through both of their nerves. The heat, the hardness, the constriction, the filling, everything. His hands moved slowly through the thick, damp hair on Chris's chest again, petting the taller man. He smirked as he felt pulled in by Redfield's massively thick arms; his tongue playfully sparred with the younger, taller hunk. After this, no dreams, just sleep as deep as this fuck...

CHRIS: *His sleep won't be dreamless after this...far from it. The difference now is, Chris is looking forward to the dreams Logan's sexual predations are going to give him...the nightmares of being chased by hungry BOWs are going to melt away, replaced by visions of Logan's beautiful cock, amazing ass, hot mouth, and wonderfully filthy words.* I'll take wet dreams over nightmares any day. *His legs spread wide, ass rising up hungrily to meet Logan's thrusts as he alternately kisses the wild man hungrily and gasps and moans at the combination of his rigid, hard cock and scorching, maddening words. Chris's whole body feels about to burst into flame, and it shows in the cop's dark, desperate eyes.*

LOGAN: The feral slowly began to move in and out of the amazingly hot body of the Cop; the Canadian withdrew slightly and then pushed back in, and then withdrew more with each motion. Each movement penetrated deeper into Redfield's buff, immensely-handsome form. "Fuck, Chris... yer so fuckin' hot and I'm leakin' already... ya feel that precum drippin' inside ya? Ya want more, don't ya?" Logan's voice got darker and hungrier as the movements increased in speed; his pace remained smooth as glass even as his motions accelerated.. no pain, just pleasure... this is gonna be tha biggest load of yer life.... "how is it Chris? Tell me, let ol' Logan hear how ya feel and what ya want... don't hold back."

CHRIS: "G-God...yeah...your cock feels so hard inside me...it usually hurts by now, but all I feel is...Ahhh!" *His train of thought is abruptly derailed as Logan hits the spot inside him.* "So full...so hot...do it to me, Logan...this is amazing, and you've got me so horny..."

LOGAN: "I'm never gonna hurt ya, Redfield," Logan growled as he felt his cock press into Chris's prostate, "only gonna give ya pleasure, just like ya deserve..." His thrusts stayed at that pace; just fast enough to make every second race with electric sensation yet not fast enough to blind the senses. He knew Redfield felt ever single inch of his cock move in and out. Logan did too; the constriction and the heat and the hammering of both of their hearts just had his own body on the edge of the precipice. It wouldn't be much longer before he'd fill the Cop up. "Dammit Chris, yer so hot and worthy of this... I'm gonna cum soon, fill ya up... yer takin' this fuck like a champ, c'mon..." Logan's sentence structure dissolved into a mess of growls and torn fragments as his cock hammered home.

CHRIS: "Giving it to me so good...God, yeah..." *the cop's own dialogue is all but swallowed in groans and screams of pleasure, as he feels nothing now but Logan, the heat of his body and the thrust of his cock. He leans up to kiss the feral again as he feels himself smash past the point of no return, his arms and legs clamping around the smaller, hairier body as his entire body convulses. He screams into Logan's mouth as his cock geysers out its load between them, the orgasm blasting through him and burning away all his pain and trauma in a tidal wave of fucklust and friendship.*

LOGAN: The cathartic convulsions of the Cop clenched around his cock and drove every synapse into overdrive. He kissed Redfield as his lungs released a low, sated growl that grew into a near roar; his own load shot out into the taller man's body. He couldn't even speak; his arms tightly ensnared the younger man and hence allowed both of them to share the near-seizmic shocks that their climax sent through their musculature. Logan kept moving in and out even as his he felt his balls finally empty themselves with Chris's ass.

CHRIS: *his body gives off a few more shuddering spasms before he goes almost completely limp, all but falling backwards onto Logan's bed as he pants and gasps for breath, drenched with sweat and absolutely exhausted, but with a blissful, wondering smile on his face* "That was...Logan...my God, you're...I don't even have words."

LOGAN: "Ya don't need any," Logan replied, again in that comforting tone, as he turned the bedside light off.... "stay here Chris... I promise yer gonna have a good night's sleep." He grabbed some tissues from the bedside table and began mopping up the mess, but his fingers still trailed across the Cop's body. "Don't pretend ya don't wanna be hugged while ya sleep," he whispered almost playfully. After cleaning Chris up, he threw the used tissues back on the bedside table and snuggled in behind the other man's broad back. The Canadian spooned the larger man as he drifted slowly into unconsciousness.

CHRIS: *feels the sun on his face through closed blinds, and for a second forgets where he is. Then he feels Logan's strong, arms around him, holding him gently but firmly, and he smiles, remembering last night, and the first really good dream he's had in the longest time.*

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Batman & Robin RP

Hey all!

I know I haven't gotten into the swing of things here in...a WHILE. (what can I say? Unemployment has skewed my priorities in a big way...)

However, I have not forgotten the joys of slash. So I teamed up with a fellow slasher, Y!Gallery's blackcanary (yes, he is a dude), to visit one of the oldest and most celebrated slash couples of all time: Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson.

This was blackcanary's first experience with RP, and my first experience with RP in the Batverse. Still, I think together we came up with something pretty spiffy.

In this, I play Bruce/Batman, and 'canary is Dick/Robin.



BATMAN: *The Batcave was, as always, dark and nearly silent, save for the high-pitched chirpings of the countless bats who have made this place their home ever since Bruce Wayne stumbled into the cave as a child, all those years ago.

The silence is abruptly disturbed by the roar of the engines on a sleek, black cross between a car and a rocket. The Batmobile pulls into the Cave with a roaring screech that sends countless winged mammals through the air in surprise. The canopy slides back to reveal Batman, dismissing his faithful manservant Alfred with a glance and nod of the head before pulling his muscular, powerful, shrouded form out of the Batmobile.*

ROBIN: *A sloshing sound presents itself as the Boy Wonder shifts in his seat in the Batmobile. Clutching onto the side of the large vehicle, Robin thrusts himself upward and stumbles out into the dark cave. He's soaked, from head-to-toe, and isn't too happy about it either. Kicking one leg and then the other, he vainly attempts to flick off the water which he is drenched in. His feet smacked loudly against the cold, hard floor as he neared his mentor.*

"I know I tell you that I can do things on my own but I'd really appreciate it next time if you'd have given me a head's up before Poison Ivy dunks me in a bath of water for her plants. I know these things have scales... but I'm not a fish."

BATMAN: "I would have, if I'd seen that was what she was about to do. I was somewhat preoccupied fighting her toxic-pollen-spewing rosebush." *Batman pushes back his hood, brushing some of the pink dust off his cape.* "Though I think she may be losing her touch; as supposedly deadly substances go, this pollen isn't even making me sneeze." *If anything, the pollen's making Bruce feel...better, somehow. Younger? More energetic? More... he blinks beneath the cowl as he realizes that his costume has become unusually tight. And hot. Feeling a little short of breath, he pushes the cowl back from his handsome, rugged face, now flushed and sweating.* "You've got to learn to...to expect the unexpected...in our line of work..." *Like your boss suddenly staring a little too hard at your ass in a pair of wet, scaled trunks*

ROBIN: "I much would have rather dealt with that pollen." *Robin wriggles around in discomfort. His shirt is sticking to him and feels quite heavy. He removes his cape and begins to wring out the liquid.* "You think maybe it's some kind of love dust? She's always trying to get into your Bat-pants. Haha. Yeah, love dust. I'm sure Catwoman would love that..." *Then the Boy Wonder has a rather devious thought. Spinning his still-wet cape around, he turns around and whips his hand out in hopes of smacking Batman with the wet fabric. Unfortunately, as his foot pivots around on the slick floor he loses balance and comes tumbling forward. No amount of circus training could prepare him from the eventual meeting of his face to the rock floor.*

BATMAN: *Years of experience and reflex training spring to hand almost unconsciously, as Batman deflects the rat-tailed cape with one gauntleted hand and steps forward to catch the falling Dick with the other arm. It looks practiced, rehearsed, and he appears completely in control...when the reality of the situation couldn't be further from the truth. Leaning over you, he lets the cape fall from his wrist and turns you to face him, faces mere inches apart* "Not...not your brightest move...Dick..." *his control slipping, he finds his hands exploring his ward's young, strong body, taking in the feel of the musculature beneath the fabric, a bulging outline beginning to form in the crotch of his suit* "Strong...lithe...not my Boy Wonder anymore, a man...a young man now..." *he seems to almost be talking to himself as one hand travels up the slim musculature of your leg, to just before the hem of the small, tight trunks*

ROBIN: *Bruce's touch goes almost completely unnoticed. The first few moments of the post-fall are spent trying not to be embarrassed... then he feels the lingering hand on his leg. His mind tells him to get up, to brush Bruce off and go get dried. But there is something comforting and intimate about the touch. He is frozen and all he can do is listen to the sound of his ever-quickening heart. He breathes in deeply and tries to come up with something to say. Did Bruce just say he was a young man? There has to be a quippy joke in that.* "It's kind of silly for a young man to be running around in these things..." *Dick says as he motions to his green shorts, maneuvering himself unconsciously closer to his mentor* "They can be a little uncomfortable... especially when they get wet. They're all clingy and heavy... Babs would totally make fun of me right now. Wait when doesn't she make fun of me?" *Dick is rambling and he knows it. Why is he still in Bruce's arms?*

BRUCE: "You're right..." *almost unconsciously, Bruce's hand goes to the waistband of Dick's trunks, pulling them down his thighs as he watches the skin reveal itself beneath them. The narrow, muscular waist...the curve of a male hip...the jutting straight line of a cock, resting in a patch of black pubic hair...then down his partner's legs and off his booted feet before throwing them aside.* "You're better off without them." *Part of him means it as an encouraging father figure...but there's another part, looking at the half-naked young man in his arms, and seeing not a ward, but something entirely different. Then, with no warning, Bruce leans in and kisses Dick full on the lips, his stubble brushing roughly against his partner's smoother jaw as his hands roam the exposed parts of Dick's body with a wordless desperation*

DICK: *His heart stops for a brief moment. Bruce's lips are surprisingly soft. The kiss is gentle but passionate. Dick almost goes numb but composes himself and pushes himself into the kiss. He wants this, he's always wanted this. Dick reaches up and wraps his arms around Bruce's strong neck as he pulls himself closer to the dashing millionaire. What happens next is unavoidable, Dick's body betrays him as his semi-hard rod throbs hardening his tool to its full-length. He makes no attempts to hide or cover it up, instead he presses it proudly against Bruce's muscular thigh. Dick groans as he feels the friction. He's never felt so turned on in his young life.*

BRUCE: *His uniform is becoming painfully tight on him...but he wants to savor this, and Bruce Wayne is nothing if not patient* "No masks..." *he slides the Robin mask off Dick's face, looking deeply into his soon-to-be-lover's eyes* "...no barriers..." *his hands slide under the Robin shirt and peel it off before moving back to grope the exposed chest and nipples* "...Just us tonight. You want this, and so do I...not a boy anymore, Dick, a man...and soon now, my man..." *he picks up the now-nude Dick and carries him over to the bed that Alfred set up here in case of medical emergencies...while not medical, the situation is a bit too urgent to wait till they get to the manor...before laying him out and bending over him, looking for all the world like a Kevlar-clad vampire as he licks and bites gently at Dick's exposed flesh*

DICK: *Dick's body shudders as Bruce's teeth clamp down on his nipples. The young man is so sensitive that each touch, each lick, each bite sends shockwaves through his body. Dick wraps his hand around Bruce's head and runs his fingers through the older man's hair. It's so soft. With the other hand, Dick sets to work trying to get Bruce's belt off. He fumbles at first. He grudgingly lets go of Bruce's head and manages to undo the buckle. He whips off the belt and began to tug at the fabric of Bruce's costume. He can see the outline of Bruce's shaft. It looks so hard. It looks so big. Damn. Dick's thoughts drift off momentarily when he feels Bruce's tongue sweeping over his nipple. Dick lets out a moan of approval. He avoids going back to Bruce's groin instead he curls his fingers under the torso of the costume and begins to peel it off of Bruce's sweaty skin. The older man pulls off briefly to allow Dick to remove the top before descending back down onto him, his furry chest tickling the Boy Wonder's well-toned body.*

*As the pair meet in another kiss, Dick's thoughts can't help but drift back to the impressive bulge in Bruce's costume. He plunges his hands downward and they soon connect with the rock-hard mound. Dick rubs lightly, then gives it a playful squeeze. He wants to see it. Bad.*

BRUCE: *his face actually threatens to crack a smile as he notices Dick's intentions, then with one more kiss, he takes a step back, and drops his cloak, letting it pool around his ankles in a swirl of pink-dusted black. Taking one last, deep breath through the nose, letting the aphrodisiac swirl through his system and shatter his inhibitions, he drops his uniform trousers and peels the shirt off his head.

His body, bigger than Dick's, is also more pitted and scarred...the legacy of a lifetime of crimefighting. However, he remains in the peak of physical shape and condition, as is evidenced when a now-nude Bruce climbs atop Dick's body and straddles him, pressing their cocks together with a grinding, rubbing motion, soft noises of pleasure emanating from Bruce's lips as he leans in and gives the nape of Dick's neck a firm, but gentle bite*

DICK: *The Boy Wonder nearly explodes from the sensation of their shafts rubbing together.* "Shit..." *Dick whispers. Bruce hates it when he swears but he doesn't seem to care now. Dick grabs onto Bruce's head and presses it even harder into his neck. Dick tosses his head back and lets out a mumbled sound. As Bruce travels upward to his jaw, Dick's grasp around the older man's head loosened. He tilts his head, begging for another kiss. Bruce obliges. While Bruce is distracted by the kiss, Dick's hands travel downward and wrap around their throbbing cocks. Bruce is so thick, he can hardly fit his hand around it... let alone both their rods. But he tries. He doesn't want to disappoint Bruce. Slowly, his hands massage up and down. This feels so damn good.*

BRUCE: *is far from in a position to bother with Dick's swearing...the younger man's hands wrapped around their cocks is driving all thought from his head. He's panting, delirious from his lust, but there's so much he wants to do. Gently, he pries his cock loose from Dick's fist, and then climbs off him.* "Good...but too soon.. I don't want to finish this way." *Instead, he kneels at the foot of the bed, taking Dick's thighs in either hand, leaning down until his face is level with Dick's maleness, his cock and balls, perineum and ass. Taking it all in with a single glance, he starts at the lithe, muscular gymnast's ass, kissing the cheeks with his stubbled mouth, before leaving a trail of slow, sloppy kisses up the most forbidden parts of Dick's anatomy.*

DICK: *Bruce is teasing Dick. The kissing feels so good, but he knows that it's all just the pre-show. He's waited this long and he's beginning to get impatient. Wrapping his strong legs around the older man, Dick pulls Bruce in as close as possible. Then he grabs onto a hand-full of hair and pulls Bruce's head backwards. With his other hand, Dick traces his finger around Bruce's mouth. Dick licked his lips and then arches his back shifting his weight so that his throbbing tool became the star of this show.* "Please, Bruce..."

BRUCE: *Impressed with the forthrightness of his ward, Bruce opens his mouth and swallows Dick's maleness, taking it down to the root with a single swallow. His hands, now free of the leathery gauntlets, roam Dick's body as he sucks him, one hand playing with the younger man's balls while the other brushes its fingers over his nipples lovingly before travelling up to his lips. *

DICK: "Oh God Bruce..." *The Boy Wonder gulps, trying to wet his dry mouth.* "You... fffuck..." *Forming words at this point is utterly impossible for Dick. Instead, he simply tightens his grip in Bruce's hair and mumbles out complete non-sense. As Bruce begins to pull himself off of Dick, the young man angrily bucks his hips and sends his tool back down into his mentor's warm throat. He doesn't know what's coming over him but suddenly Dick is exerting control over the older man. Dick's hands steady Bruce's head as he rises his hips, then lowers them. He moans each time he feels Bruce's nose nestled in his pubic hair. Dick wants to smile. He loves this feeling of dominance.*

BRUCE: *Part of him struggles with the urge to rebel against the power game...but the other part is too horny to care. So to resolve the issue, he does what he does best...plan for the long term. So he goes along with Dick's motions and keeps sucking his ward off, his hands roaming the hot, lithe body of the younger man with moans of appreciation. He seems to submit to Dick totally...but the look in his eyes, of calculating intensity, and the rock-hardness of his cock between his thighs, hints at the plan formulating in his lust-driven mind*

DICK: *The warmth of Bruce's wet mouth sends tingles all throughout Dick's body. He's bucking his hips, fucking his mentor's face, at a quick pace. He knows that he's getting close but he doesn't want this to end so quickly. When he begins to let up, that's when Bruce picks up the slack. Soon, the Boy Wonder is back at the peak of ecstatic bliss. He looks down to see what his mentor is doing to him and finds that his gaze is met by Bruce's icy blue eyes. In that moment, everything stops and Dick's body hits its ultimate high.*

"Oh Bruce..." *Dick cries out* "I'm going to cum!!"

*Dick throws his entire body backwards and thrusts his entire length down into Bruce's throat as he begins to shoot his load. He convulses hard as he pumps his thick seed into his mentor. His orgasm is long and intense. It takes everything out of the Boy Wonder. He falls back, exhausted, and pants heavily. When the layer of ecstasy fades away, Dick suddenly realizes it's over and he feels as if he's drowning in disappointment. He's let Bruce down.*

BRUCE: *swallows every drop of his partner's load eagerly, greedily, then languidly licks Dick's cock clean, leaving a trail of kisses up his body before reaching his head, looking down into his lover's eyes intently* "Don't worry...I'm not finished with you yet." *Again, that faintest ghost of something like a smile, and a second kiss, this time coupled with a full embrace, Bruce pressing every inch of his body against Dick's with a moan of passioned pleasure, his maleness still rock-hard against the younger man's body.

Then Bruce travels back down, giving Dick's flaccid cock one last kiss, and spreads his legs a second time. Kneeling between them, he kisses the two halves of that perfect gymnast's ass, and then spreads the cheeks, to lick and lap and the small, meticulously clean hole nestled in between them*

DICK: "What do you mean...?" *Dick asks. Dick receives no answer. At least not a verbal one. Dick props himself up onto his haunches and watches as his mentor's head disappears between his legs. The first kiss gives Dick goosebumps, the second makes him moan and the third gives him a familiar stirring. As Bruce's tongue travels over his hole Dick can't help but fall back onto the bed. His entire body is mush.* "Uhh... yeah... right there... ugh..." *Dick is having trouble coming up with proper sentences again, this is becoming a problem for him. He's never felt anything quite like this. It feels so foreign. But the warmth and the wetness have sucked him into a vacuum of endless pleasure. His head is spinning and he can't do anything but lean into Bruce's gentle tongue.*

BRUCE: *looks up from his work with the first real expression on his face...a knowing smirk* "Direct stimulation of the prostate gland...the second-best way to overcome a refractory period." *he dives in again with more direct, deeper licks for a moment before looking up at his protegé again.* "Showing you the best way will require some prep time." *Then it's back to work making Dick writhe on the end of his tongue*

DICK: *It really doesn't take long before Dick's cock is rock-hard and throbbing again. It's as if he'd never came. With each gasp and moan, it dances around playfully, smacking him occasionally on the stomach.*

"Damn Bruce... that tongue... it's magic. Oh God, damn yes."

*With his skill at gymnastics, Dick spreads his legs as wide as possible with the greatest of ease giving his mentor the best possible access to his trembling hole. He wants to do whatever he can to ensure he could fit more of Bruce's tongue inside him. It's official, this is better than crime fighting.*

BRUCE: *groans around his mouthful as he makes a few final licks before reaching under the medical table to bring out a small plastic tube. Pouring the slick gel into his fingers, he rubs them together briefly to warm it before pressing a finger at the freshly-reamed-out entrance* "Are you ready for this, Dick? I need you to want this."

DICK: "You're not going to make me beg for it, are you?" *Dick recoils back and edges himself further upwards onto the bed. Then he places two fingers in his mouth and begins licking them. He sucks them into his mouth and gives them a lingering swish before pulling them out and placed them at his hole. He stretches and pulls at his hole, taunting the older man. He slips on finger in and then the other. Dicks moans and starts to penetrate himself.* "If you want this... uggh... you should... fffuck... take it."

BRUCE: *This changes the plan completely. Bruce had assumed the younger man was a virgin, inexperienced with the ways of self-pleasure. With the sight...the absurdly arousing sight...of Dick fingering himself, the entire equation has been changed. Now, there is only the need...the want...that's been building up inside him for years, exacerbated by a lungful of pollen.

He covers Dick's body again with his own, his powerful hands gripping his ward's thighs, and guides his aching, steel-hard, heretofore-unattended cock to the entrance. Then, with a low noise halfway between a groan and a growl, Bruce thrusts, pushing his cock between Dick's legs and filling him completely with one fluid motion.*

DICK: *cries out. For all his bravado and seduction, the boy was, in fact, a virgin. He'd hoped somehow that he could fake it, pretend as if he'd done all this before. He'd seen pornos before and it didn't look too bad. He'd even tried fingering himself to experiment but found himself too tight. Bruce seems to have fixed that particular problem.*

"Bruce!!" *Dick reaches around and grabs onto his mentor's strong neck. He pulls himself upward for a kiss but fails to connect and falls back down onto the bed.* "You're... really..." *Dick grunts and pauses to adjust himself. He feels as if he's being pulled apart yet his entire body is telling him that he wants this. There is nothing, not even the dull pain he feels, which will stop him from getting what he wants.* "Aw fuck Bruce... that thing is huge."

BRUCE: I hurt him... *the stab of guilt knifes through him, threatening to kill the mood, perhaps ruin their whole relationship, just as it's reaching levels undreamt of. But then he looks at Dick, watches the dilation of his pupils, the flush of his skin, and most of all the aching, raging hardness between his thighs, and his guilt is assuaged, replaced by a savage arousal at the sight of Dick, naked and impaled on his cock...the mental image he's spent many a night alone masturbating to...only it's real. He's in front of him, pleading for more...and more is what Bruce gives, in slow, torturous pushes, in and out...giving Dick plenty of time to acclimatize to the feel of his thick shaft inside him.* "Dick...this is...incredible." *For a man of as few words as Bruce, that's high praise indeed*

DICK: "Bruce... I..." *What could he say? He wants to say everything. He wants to tell Bruce that he loves him, always had. But somehow feels it would seem insincere. He stays silent; instead, he allows his hands to do the talking. His fingers trail their way up from his perfectly-formed abs up towards his chest, watching as the dark hairs part for his gentle fingers. He traces the many scars across Bruce's chest. Scratches, slashes and even a bullet wound. For all the imperfections on him, Dick feels that Bruce couldn't be more perfect. Dick's hands roam over to Bruce's nipples. Remembering how damn good it felt to have Bruce tweak his, he begins to flick and pinch the erect nipples. The adventure Dick's hands have been having is interrupted by a sudden jolt through the young man's body.*

"Aw Bruce... dammit... you're..."

*Dick leaves Bruce's chest and immediately grabs hold of the sheets. Balling up his fists tight, Dick looked into his lovers eyes.* "That feels... you're... God fucking dammit... shit motherfucker... Bruce... harder... faster... whatever you're doing keep on doing it!!"

BRUCE: "...Keep talking..." *His hips seem to somehow escape his control, especially with the combination of Dick's filthy mouth and his hands on Bruce's nipples. His cock, if possible, gets even harder inside his partner's ass, and if he were Kryptonian, his gaze would be burning right through Dick* "The reason I scolded you about the language..was because every time you cursed...I could feel it. In my groin...in my balls. Hearing you use foul language...it was all I could do not to rip your clothes off and have you...before it was time."

DICK: "If I'd have known..." *Another grunt. Dick is beginning to feel as if he'd devolved into a caveman. What did he really care though?* "Fuck!! Oh God... Bruce the way you... you feel so good and I... I don't know how to tell you. Your cock just does something to me. I just... I want you to really give it to me. Fuck me, teach me how to be a man. How to fuck like a man." *Dick pushes back, driving all of Bruce's length into him. His strength gives out and instead he submits himself totally to the older man. All he can do now is tighten himself around Bruce's large tool.*

BRUCE: *hearing Dick, feeling the clench of his ass around him, seeing him writhe on the end of his dick...it's a hundred thousand fantasies come true for Bruce. And as a result, his thrusts come faster, harder, and more urgently. Even though he's technically the one on top, with more experience, when Dick starts running that filthy mouth of his, Bruce can't deny him anything...and so within the space of moments, he's plowing Dick hard enough to make the bed rattle and thump in protest, his face intense and focused as his cock pistons in and out of Dick's willing ass* "Stroke it for me, Dick...I'm getting close...remember your timing, I want us to finish together."

DICK: *almost doesn't hear Bruce's words. He can hear their slapping flesh, the sloshing sound of Bruce going in and out of his no-longer-virgin hole as well as the sound of his pounding heartbeat echoing in his hears. He catches the last part though. He raises his shaking hand from the bed and wraps it lazily around his cock. The touch alone is enough to sky-rocket him towards his peak. With Bruce fucking him so hard and so fast, he's seconds away. He wanted to cum together. But Dick couldn't last.*

"Aw fuck Bruce... I... fuck yeah.... I'm going to cum again. Shit!!"

BRUCE: *has been riding the knife's edge for so long now the sound of Dick's impending release is enough to push him those few extra millimeters. With his mind almost completely subsumed into lust and ferality, he plows Dick relentlessly* "So beautiful...my partner...my lover...my man." *The word 'man,' the reality of his ward's adulthood and willingness, sends Bruce into a series of explosive thrusts as he squeezes his eyes shut and roars out his climax, cock churning inside Dick's ass as it spurts shot after shot of seed into the willing hole, for the first time...but definitely not the last, if Bruce has any say in it*

DICK: *comes almost simultaneously with his mentor. As soon as the first shot splashes his insides, Dick's body shudders and he's blowing his second load of the day. Bruce's powerful thrusts are still rocking their bodies as Dick lets loose, causing his seed to shoot every which way. With one thrust, he splatters his face, and the next, Bruce's stomach. If anything, this orgasm is more powerful than the first. There is something about being drenched in Bruce's sticky spunk that really has Dick going. Dick screams out every curse word he knows as his climax reaches its end. Flopping back onto the bed.*

"Bruce I..." *The words 'I love you' find themselves in the Boy Wonder's throat. He chokes them back and then looks at the beautiful man before him. "We're going to have to do that again. And again. Hell, give me half and hour and I'll be ready."

BRUCE: *With the orgasm fading, the effects of the pollen seem to subside, and Bruce comes back to himself. But, looking over the naked, cum-drenched form of his now-adult ward, he can't bring himself to feel any form of remorse for his actions.* "We're designing you a new costume, first thing tomorrow. You're a man; no sense in you dressing like a boy anymore." *His eyes roam to the discarded Robin clothes scattered the Batcave.* "Maybe we'll keep hold of the old one...for personal use. *He pulls out of his partner, leaning down to kiss him one more time, tenderly, passionately.* "But in the meantime, it's time for a shower, and then some rest." Naked and unashamed, he heads for the Batcave's washroom facilities, stopping only to turn back to Dick with a real, honest smile.*