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Monday, April 9, 2012


TheMadSlasher loves Iceman. Specifically, the Iceman from the X-Men Animated Series episode "Cold Comfort." He even wrote a fanfic following the events, called "Cryogenic Savagery," which can be found at Aff.net and Y-Gal. It's good stuff.

As a special request, he wanted to start an RP with that Iceman and my uber-slut version of Wolverine, to better develop Bobby's sexual side. Obviously I wasn't about to say no! :D

This was that RP. Enjoy!


LOGAN: *smirks around his smoldering cigar; he wears a leather jacket, boots, and gloves, and nothing else.* "Here ya go, Frosty...me, a smoky basement, all the leather ya could ever wanna wear, an' a sling ta do the fuckin' in. Spent all day settin' this up...now I wanna spend all night with ya wearin' it out." *he gestures to a pile of leather clothes laid out for Bobby to wear. Their scent and the scent of his cigar are distilled into a masculine incense that permeates the room.* "Go ahead, stud...anythin' ya want. You been a good friend ta me when I needed one...now it's time ta return the favor."
BOBBY: [gulps and goes scarlet as he looks at the sight. This is better than the best dude-porn ever... ohfuckohfuckohfuck. He doesn't take long before the suit is tossed and he's wearing something very like his typical leather punk-type outfit, boots, gloves, modern jacket, but no shirt this time. He then walks over to Logan..] "Jeez, Logan... thanks! Big time thanks! So, well, got a big menu to pick from. Like Choose-Your-Own-Porno-Adventure..." You totally fucking fail at charm, Drake!! "So.. speaking of the menu...." [he manages to smirk, and finally picks up enough impulsive courage to pluck the cigar from Logan's lips before moving in to kiss the Canadian; his tongue savors the smoky flavor of the wildman and he groans slightly]
LOGAN: *returns Bobby's kiss hotly, snarling in pleasure, and pulls the other man to him, grinding their leather-clad crotches together while his gloved hands run all along Bobby's smooth, exposed flesh. Even when he breaks the kiss, his hands don't stop moving over the Iceman's torso* "Tell ole Logan what'cha want, pal...where ya wanna start? Got my cabin all to ourselves, the whole night. Wanna jack off right here? 69 under th'stars on the roof? Fuck me on my wolf rug in front'a the fire?" *his voice vibrates through the room, almost as heady as the smoke that still wafts from the cigar as his dark eyes bore into Bobby, the smirk on his face dark and sensual*
BOBBY: [respectfully returns the cigar to the Canadian's mouth, slightly sheepish after quickly snatching it away... don't worry, you don't have a faceful of claw... the chuckle crept up his throat again, and his smirk spread across his scarlet face] "All of the above. And then some. I always wanted to try a few things out... and you're hotter than any leatherdaddy type I've seen in any porn film."
LOGAN: "Thanks for that." *His voice is sincere. He takes the cigar back into his mouth for a long, second drag, then takes it out and kisses Bobby again, the leftover smoke still on his breath as he reaches into the leather pants and pulls out the cryokinetic's cock, stroking it while his lips and tongue work Bobby's mouth, the stubble on his face scratchy but his lips soft and pliant*
BOBBY: The accountant groans again and tries to stifle any laughter at how completely out of his kinkier fantasies this entire moment actually is. The Twilight Zone apparently has a sexy part... he groans again at the taste of the smoke and shivers at the feel of the thick fingers gripping his steel-hard length. His own hands rake up Logan's body, through the elder man's chest fur, and latch onto his nipples. He rolled the firm skin between his fingertips. "Oh fuck.... I'm so fucking hard right now Logan...." he knew what he wanted to do, and knew Logan was willing to do it, yet the image before him seemed to defy that. Fuck the Leather-Daddy. If they ever made a film like that I'd buy ten copies. "Goddammit I wanna fuck you," he said quickly, but eagerly.
LOGAN: *lets out a moan from the attention to his nipples* "Keep playin' with those, an' I ain't gonna argue one fuckin' bit." *His pants drop from his hairy legs and ass, throbbing cock and churning balls springing into view as the feral climbs into the sling, reaches over to the bedside table, and throws his friend the lube.* "Ya know what to do, Popsicle. But get your ass up here...I wanna suck you off while you get me prepped." *his intense eyes stare at Bobby's cock with an almost primal hunger*
BOBBY: At that moment, his face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. He quickly picked up the lube and started drenching his fingers with it. He moved his hips close to the top of the sling, where Logan's ravenous maw lay. The dripping head of his cock moved towards the elder man's lips and a sole finger crept downwards towards Logan's entry. "Thank you... Logan... always wanted to fuck a Leather Daddy but you know them, ninety-seven percent of the time just want something without a spine. And last time I checked, my spine was still in place."
LOGAN: "Damn straight it is...'s why I want'cha ta do this with me..." *then there are no more words from the feral, only grunts and groans that vibrate through the base of Bobby's shaft as he takes the entire thing and swallows it down, his tongue and lips working their unique magic on the meat before him as his own cock leaks, legs spread wide to allow Bobby's fingers the entry he needs*
BOBBY: Every single word practically travelled to his cock, and the sensations were suddenly joined by the warm and swirling and sucking heat of the shorter man's mouth. Bobby's gaze surveyed the sight below; so much leather and muscle and fur and that thick cock and heavy balls and his fingers slowly and delicately moving into this amazingly hot man's ass... "Shit, Logan your mouth is magic, the real kind, not Copperfield's crap...." he feels his own precum begin to leak as the constriction around his fingers rapidly falls. "You're almost ready, right?"
LOGAN: *pulls off for a minute* "Ta get fucked? You bet. Ta stop suckin' this gorgeous prick? Not even close." *with a dark chuckle, he dives back onto Bobby's cock with even more gusto than before, determined to milk every last drop of pleasure he can out of his friend with his mouth before his ass gets to work*
BOBBY: "Can't say you lack in enthusiasm!" He replied quickly through shuddering breaths. His chest rose and fell as droplets of sweat trailed through the ridges and valleys of his muscled body. Thank fuck we have all night, he thought as he looked over Logan again.... all the ideas of things to do with him were piling up to the point he should've kept a spreadsheet of them. He wanted him, the man's cock, balls, ass, nipples, everything... even the rugged jawline... he thought of sucking the elder man's gloved fingers and tasting the lingering tobacco on them... first things first, he thought as he managed to coax his cock away from the shorter man's tongue. "Oh man, please, no more or I'll blow too quick...." An idea began forming at the back of his mind.
LOGAN: *looks a little disappointed, but brightens up visibly when he sees the look in Bobby's eyes* "Awright, Frosty. It's yer party, an' chances are I'm gonna love whatever you got planned. So go ahead babe...show me what'cha got." *The challenge in his voice is as erotically charged as the sight of him in the sling, precum glittering in a trail from his cock to his furry abdomen, with more pulsing out all the time. He's clearly in heat now, the passion and primality of the animal mixed with the respect and affection of the man into one sweaty, sexual creature*
BOBBY: The idea at the back of his head felt... wrong. And right. He didn't know how to feel about it... but somehow it only made his cock harder. He's my friend, not my father... but... he then looked into Logan's eyes, but part of him didn't want to ask this. "When I fuck you.. can I... would you want me to call you Dad Logan or? I mean... you look the part." His tone still was hesitant, but the preseed dripping from his manhood kept coming as the head of his cock settled between the elder man's rock hard buttcheeks.
LOGAN: *looks at Bobby for a long moment, and then nods* "If that's what'cha want, then sure...I'll be 'Dad' for ya." *His legs spread wider, to accommodate the head of the shaft pressing between them, and he smiles* "So go ahead, boy...fuck yer Daddy, like ya know ya deserve to."
BOBBY: I don't know whether to feel sick with myself or turned on so fucking much... he began to press forward, his breaths shuddered as he felt Logan's ass open. The constricting heat gave no resistance as his shaft disappeared inch after inch into the elder man. "Oh shit...." he said as his fingers began to dig into Logan's shoulders, "Dad Logan... you're so fucking hot and you feel awesome inside. Just this untamed, untamable leather daddy, you're rebellion-porn..." in spite of his mixed feelings, his cock only felt painfully hard, as if it were about to burst.
LOGAN: "Like Dad, like son, kid," *his eyes slide closed as he lets out a guttural growl of untamable pleasure* "Yer as much a fuckin' rebel as I am, boy...don't you ever forget that...yeah...aww, FUCK yeah..." *His encouraging speech devolves into guttural growls and moans of pleasure as he's filled so completely with Bobby's cock*
BOBBY: The accountant's motions accelerate and even a slight smirk makes its way back onto his face as he moves his length in and out of the feral in erratic, slightly jerky thrusts of varying depth. "Hell yeah, Dad Logan," he replied, "I'm not gonna call you 'Sir', that's for sure Dad. Oh man you take my cock so fucking well, you look so damn hot all spread out for me, and you want it so fucking much...." Energy began to pool in his balls, but he felt a warmth in the pit of his stomach... you're as much a rebel as I am... Logan's words somehow managed at that moment to kill all the shame, either short-circuiting the logic or completing it in some way he didn't get yet. "You hot arrogant leather dad, taking your son's cock and loving it..."
LOGAN: "You bet'cher sweet ass I'm lovin' it...yeah! YEAH!" *Logan's snarling in pleasure now, writhing under his friend/son's cock as he clutches the chains holding up the sling for support. His whole body glistens with sweat, his eyes sparkling with intensity, fellowship, defiance, and that scorching lust that always seems to smolder at the core of his being, fanned into full flame by the fucking* "Fuckin' plow yer Daddy like ya always wanted to! I fuckin' love it, boy, I need it! Harder, babe, you c'n do it, yer so fuckin' hot, an' ya got me so fuckin' horny...FUCK ME, DRAKE!"
BOBBY: The sheer energy and rage and pleasure that coursed through Logan's thrashing body... the snarling voice.. the implicit challenge, not to conquer but to rise up... the respect and desire and need of the moment... and the aching heat in his balls... all finally reach a peak. It doesn't take long... only a few more deep, long, crown-to-balls-deep thrusts of his cock before the younger man gasps and yells and fills the elder man with seed. "Hell yeah, Dad! I'm gonna fill you as long and deep as you want it!" He gasped with each burst he sent into Logan's body, his brow furrowed and teeth clenched as his synapses tore apart with pleasure.
LOGAN: "Yeah, Bobby, shoot it in me, don't stop fuckin', gettin' close...awww FUUUUUCK!" *The shout comes at the top of his lungs as his whole body convulses, writhing in the grip of the best orgasm he's had in weeks as his cock pulses and spits in his frantically-jerking gloved fist. Ropes of glittering seed splash across his furry torso as he grunts, groans, and pants, his churning, writhing body finally coming to rest after what feel like minutes of unadulterated bliss at the hands of his rebellious young friend* "fuck...Drake...that was fuckin' incredible..."
BOBBY: The cryokinetic watches through hazy vision as seismic shocks tear through Logan's body. His chest rises and falls at a slower rhythm to the elder man. After a few moments of quiet, he nodded. "Yeah.... that was a damn good lay...." he then paused again. "Sorry if... that was a creepy thing to ask," he said again in a hesitant tone.
LOGAN: *lets out a chuckle* "I been asked ta do weirder." *grabbing a towel to mop himself up, he offers one to Bobby, and a bottle of water as well* "It was kinda hot, tell ya th' truth...I c'n see why Slim loves fuckin' around with his dad so much."
BOBBY: [gratefully accepts the towel and the water bottle with a smile and nod] "Yeah.... you're like the opposite of all of 'em... but it was still hot calling you that... I'm sure Hank would Freud me to pieces over it. None of it makes sense."
LOGAN: "One thing I learned a long time ago," *takes a swig of his own water as he climbs out of the sling* "is that sex don't always gotta make sense, long as it feels good an' don't hurt nobody."
BOBBY: The accountant nods. He doesn't know if it does or doesn't make sense... but at that moment, he didn't care. The night was still young.


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