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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Batman & Robin RP

Hey all!

I know I haven't gotten into the swing of things here in...a WHILE. (what can I say? Unemployment has skewed my priorities in a big way...)

However, I have not forgotten the joys of slash. So I teamed up with a fellow slasher, Y!Gallery's blackcanary (yes, he is a dude), to visit one of the oldest and most celebrated slash couples of all time: Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson.

This was blackcanary's first experience with RP, and my first experience with RP in the Batverse. Still, I think together we came up with something pretty spiffy.

In this, I play Bruce/Batman, and 'canary is Dick/Robin.



BATMAN: *The Batcave was, as always, dark and nearly silent, save for the high-pitched chirpings of the countless bats who have made this place their home ever since Bruce Wayne stumbled into the cave as a child, all those years ago.

The silence is abruptly disturbed by the roar of the engines on a sleek, black cross between a car and a rocket. The Batmobile pulls into the Cave with a roaring screech that sends countless winged mammals through the air in surprise. The canopy slides back to reveal Batman, dismissing his faithful manservant Alfred with a glance and nod of the head before pulling his muscular, powerful, shrouded form out of the Batmobile.*

ROBIN: *A sloshing sound presents itself as the Boy Wonder shifts in his seat in the Batmobile. Clutching onto the side of the large vehicle, Robin thrusts himself upward and stumbles out into the dark cave. He's soaked, from head-to-toe, and isn't too happy about it either. Kicking one leg and then the other, he vainly attempts to flick off the water which he is drenched in. His feet smacked loudly against the cold, hard floor as he neared his mentor.*

"I know I tell you that I can do things on my own but I'd really appreciate it next time if you'd have given me a head's up before Poison Ivy dunks me in a bath of water for her plants. I know these things have scales... but I'm not a fish."

BATMAN: "I would have, if I'd seen that was what she was about to do. I was somewhat preoccupied fighting her toxic-pollen-spewing rosebush." *Batman pushes back his hood, brushing some of the pink dust off his cape.* "Though I think she may be losing her touch; as supposedly deadly substances go, this pollen isn't even making me sneeze." *If anything, the pollen's making Bruce feel...better, somehow. Younger? More energetic? More... he blinks beneath the cowl as he realizes that his costume has become unusually tight. And hot. Feeling a little short of breath, he pushes the cowl back from his handsome, rugged face, now flushed and sweating.* "You've got to learn to...to expect the unexpected...in our line of work..." *Like your boss suddenly staring a little too hard at your ass in a pair of wet, scaled trunks*

ROBIN: "I much would have rather dealt with that pollen." *Robin wriggles around in discomfort. His shirt is sticking to him and feels quite heavy. He removes his cape and begins to wring out the liquid.* "You think maybe it's some kind of love dust? She's always trying to get into your Bat-pants. Haha. Yeah, love dust. I'm sure Catwoman would love that..." *Then the Boy Wonder has a rather devious thought. Spinning his still-wet cape around, he turns around and whips his hand out in hopes of smacking Batman with the wet fabric. Unfortunately, as his foot pivots around on the slick floor he loses balance and comes tumbling forward. No amount of circus training could prepare him from the eventual meeting of his face to the rock floor.*

BATMAN: *Years of experience and reflex training spring to hand almost unconsciously, as Batman deflects the rat-tailed cape with one gauntleted hand and steps forward to catch the falling Dick with the other arm. It looks practiced, rehearsed, and he appears completely in control...when the reality of the situation couldn't be further from the truth. Leaning over you, he lets the cape fall from his wrist and turns you to face him, faces mere inches apart* "Not...not your brightest move...Dick..." *his control slipping, he finds his hands exploring his ward's young, strong body, taking in the feel of the musculature beneath the fabric, a bulging outline beginning to form in the crotch of his suit* "Strong...lithe...not my Boy Wonder anymore, a man...a young man now..." *he seems to almost be talking to himself as one hand travels up the slim musculature of your leg, to just before the hem of the small, tight trunks*

ROBIN: *Bruce's touch goes almost completely unnoticed. The first few moments of the post-fall are spent trying not to be embarrassed... then he feels the lingering hand on his leg. His mind tells him to get up, to brush Bruce off and go get dried. But there is something comforting and intimate about the touch. He is frozen and all he can do is listen to the sound of his ever-quickening heart. He breathes in deeply and tries to come up with something to say. Did Bruce just say he was a young man? There has to be a quippy joke in that.* "It's kind of silly for a young man to be running around in these things..." *Dick says as he motions to his green shorts, maneuvering himself unconsciously closer to his mentor* "They can be a little uncomfortable... especially when they get wet. They're all clingy and heavy... Babs would totally make fun of me right now. Wait when doesn't she make fun of me?" *Dick is rambling and he knows it. Why is he still in Bruce's arms?*

BRUCE: "You're right..." *almost unconsciously, Bruce's hand goes to the waistband of Dick's trunks, pulling them down his thighs as he watches the skin reveal itself beneath them. The narrow, muscular waist...the curve of a male hip...the jutting straight line of a cock, resting in a patch of black pubic hair...then down his partner's legs and off his booted feet before throwing them aside.* "You're better off without them." *Part of him means it as an encouraging father figure...but there's another part, looking at the half-naked young man in his arms, and seeing not a ward, but something entirely different. Then, with no warning, Bruce leans in and kisses Dick full on the lips, his stubble brushing roughly against his partner's smoother jaw as his hands roam the exposed parts of Dick's body with a wordless desperation*

DICK: *His heart stops for a brief moment. Bruce's lips are surprisingly soft. The kiss is gentle but passionate. Dick almost goes numb but composes himself and pushes himself into the kiss. He wants this, he's always wanted this. Dick reaches up and wraps his arms around Bruce's strong neck as he pulls himself closer to the dashing millionaire. What happens next is unavoidable, Dick's body betrays him as his semi-hard rod throbs hardening his tool to its full-length. He makes no attempts to hide or cover it up, instead he presses it proudly against Bruce's muscular thigh. Dick groans as he feels the friction. He's never felt so turned on in his young life.*

BRUCE: *His uniform is becoming painfully tight on him...but he wants to savor this, and Bruce Wayne is nothing if not patient* "No masks..." *he slides the Robin mask off Dick's face, looking deeply into his soon-to-be-lover's eyes* "...no barriers..." *his hands slide under the Robin shirt and peel it off before moving back to grope the exposed chest and nipples* "...Just us tonight. You want this, and so do I...not a boy anymore, Dick, a man...and soon now, my man..." *he picks up the now-nude Dick and carries him over to the bed that Alfred set up here in case of medical emergencies...while not medical, the situation is a bit too urgent to wait till they get to the manor...before laying him out and bending over him, looking for all the world like a Kevlar-clad vampire as he licks and bites gently at Dick's exposed flesh*

DICK: *Dick's body shudders as Bruce's teeth clamp down on his nipples. The young man is so sensitive that each touch, each lick, each bite sends shockwaves through his body. Dick wraps his hand around Bruce's head and runs his fingers through the older man's hair. It's so soft. With the other hand, Dick sets to work trying to get Bruce's belt off. He fumbles at first. He grudgingly lets go of Bruce's head and manages to undo the buckle. He whips off the belt and began to tug at the fabric of Bruce's costume. He can see the outline of Bruce's shaft. It looks so hard. It looks so big. Damn. Dick's thoughts drift off momentarily when he feels Bruce's tongue sweeping over his nipple. Dick lets out a moan of approval. He avoids going back to Bruce's groin instead he curls his fingers under the torso of the costume and begins to peel it off of Bruce's sweaty skin. The older man pulls off briefly to allow Dick to remove the top before descending back down onto him, his furry chest tickling the Boy Wonder's well-toned body.*

*As the pair meet in another kiss, Dick's thoughts can't help but drift back to the impressive bulge in Bruce's costume. He plunges his hands downward and they soon connect with the rock-hard mound. Dick rubs lightly, then gives it a playful squeeze. He wants to see it. Bad.*

BRUCE: *his face actually threatens to crack a smile as he notices Dick's intentions, then with one more kiss, he takes a step back, and drops his cloak, letting it pool around his ankles in a swirl of pink-dusted black. Taking one last, deep breath through the nose, letting the aphrodisiac swirl through his system and shatter his inhibitions, he drops his uniform trousers and peels the shirt off his head.

His body, bigger than Dick's, is also more pitted and scarred...the legacy of a lifetime of crimefighting. However, he remains in the peak of physical shape and condition, as is evidenced when a now-nude Bruce climbs atop Dick's body and straddles him, pressing their cocks together with a grinding, rubbing motion, soft noises of pleasure emanating from Bruce's lips as he leans in and gives the nape of Dick's neck a firm, but gentle bite*

DICK: *The Boy Wonder nearly explodes from the sensation of their shafts rubbing together.* "Shit..." *Dick whispers. Bruce hates it when he swears but he doesn't seem to care now. Dick grabs onto Bruce's head and presses it even harder into his neck. Dick tosses his head back and lets out a mumbled sound. As Bruce travels upward to his jaw, Dick's grasp around the older man's head loosened. He tilts his head, begging for another kiss. Bruce obliges. While Bruce is distracted by the kiss, Dick's hands travel downward and wrap around their throbbing cocks. Bruce is so thick, he can hardly fit his hand around it... let alone both their rods. But he tries. He doesn't want to disappoint Bruce. Slowly, his hands massage up and down. This feels so damn good.*

BRUCE: *is far from in a position to bother with Dick's swearing...the younger man's hands wrapped around their cocks is driving all thought from his head. He's panting, delirious from his lust, but there's so much he wants to do. Gently, he pries his cock loose from Dick's fist, and then climbs off him.* "Good...but too soon.. I don't want to finish this way." *Instead, he kneels at the foot of the bed, taking Dick's thighs in either hand, leaning down until his face is level with Dick's maleness, his cock and balls, perineum and ass. Taking it all in with a single glance, he starts at the lithe, muscular gymnast's ass, kissing the cheeks with his stubbled mouth, before leaving a trail of slow, sloppy kisses up the most forbidden parts of Dick's anatomy.*

DICK: *Bruce is teasing Dick. The kissing feels so good, but he knows that it's all just the pre-show. He's waited this long and he's beginning to get impatient. Wrapping his strong legs around the older man, Dick pulls Bruce in as close as possible. Then he grabs onto a hand-full of hair and pulls Bruce's head backwards. With his other hand, Dick traces his finger around Bruce's mouth. Dick licked his lips and then arches his back shifting his weight so that his throbbing tool became the star of this show.* "Please, Bruce..."

BRUCE: *Impressed with the forthrightness of his ward, Bruce opens his mouth and swallows Dick's maleness, taking it down to the root with a single swallow. His hands, now free of the leathery gauntlets, roam Dick's body as he sucks him, one hand playing with the younger man's balls while the other brushes its fingers over his nipples lovingly before travelling up to his lips. *

DICK: "Oh God Bruce..." *The Boy Wonder gulps, trying to wet his dry mouth.* "You... fffuck..." *Forming words at this point is utterly impossible for Dick. Instead, he simply tightens his grip in Bruce's hair and mumbles out complete non-sense. As Bruce begins to pull himself off of Dick, the young man angrily bucks his hips and sends his tool back down into his mentor's warm throat. He doesn't know what's coming over him but suddenly Dick is exerting control over the older man. Dick's hands steady Bruce's head as he rises his hips, then lowers them. He moans each time he feels Bruce's nose nestled in his pubic hair. Dick wants to smile. He loves this feeling of dominance.*

BRUCE: *Part of him struggles with the urge to rebel against the power game...but the other part is too horny to care. So to resolve the issue, he does what he does best...plan for the long term. So he goes along with Dick's motions and keeps sucking his ward off, his hands roaming the hot, lithe body of the younger man with moans of appreciation. He seems to submit to Dick totally...but the look in his eyes, of calculating intensity, and the rock-hardness of his cock between his thighs, hints at the plan formulating in his lust-driven mind*

DICK: *The warmth of Bruce's wet mouth sends tingles all throughout Dick's body. He's bucking his hips, fucking his mentor's face, at a quick pace. He knows that he's getting close but he doesn't want this to end so quickly. When he begins to let up, that's when Bruce picks up the slack. Soon, the Boy Wonder is back at the peak of ecstatic bliss. He looks down to see what his mentor is doing to him and finds that his gaze is met by Bruce's icy blue eyes. In that moment, everything stops and Dick's body hits its ultimate high.*

"Oh Bruce..." *Dick cries out* "I'm going to cum!!"

*Dick throws his entire body backwards and thrusts his entire length down into Bruce's throat as he begins to shoot his load. He convulses hard as he pumps his thick seed into his mentor. His orgasm is long and intense. It takes everything out of the Boy Wonder. He falls back, exhausted, and pants heavily. When the layer of ecstasy fades away, Dick suddenly realizes it's over and he feels as if he's drowning in disappointment. He's let Bruce down.*

BRUCE: *swallows every drop of his partner's load eagerly, greedily, then languidly licks Dick's cock clean, leaving a trail of kisses up his body before reaching his head, looking down into his lover's eyes intently* "Don't worry...I'm not finished with you yet." *Again, that faintest ghost of something like a smile, and a second kiss, this time coupled with a full embrace, Bruce pressing every inch of his body against Dick's with a moan of passioned pleasure, his maleness still rock-hard against the younger man's body.

Then Bruce travels back down, giving Dick's flaccid cock one last kiss, and spreads his legs a second time. Kneeling between them, he kisses the two halves of that perfect gymnast's ass, and then spreads the cheeks, to lick and lap and the small, meticulously clean hole nestled in between them*

DICK: "What do you mean...?" *Dick asks. Dick receives no answer. At least not a verbal one. Dick props himself up onto his haunches and watches as his mentor's head disappears between his legs. The first kiss gives Dick goosebumps, the second makes him moan and the third gives him a familiar stirring. As Bruce's tongue travels over his hole Dick can't help but fall back onto the bed. His entire body is mush.* "Uhh... yeah... right there... ugh..." *Dick is having trouble coming up with proper sentences again, this is becoming a problem for him. He's never felt anything quite like this. It feels so foreign. But the warmth and the wetness have sucked him into a vacuum of endless pleasure. His head is spinning and he can't do anything but lean into Bruce's gentle tongue.*

BRUCE: *looks up from his work with the first real expression on his face...a knowing smirk* "Direct stimulation of the prostate gland...the second-best way to overcome a refractory period." *he dives in again with more direct, deeper licks for a moment before looking up at his protegé again.* "Showing you the best way will require some prep time." *Then it's back to work making Dick writhe on the end of his tongue*

DICK: *It really doesn't take long before Dick's cock is rock-hard and throbbing again. It's as if he'd never came. With each gasp and moan, it dances around playfully, smacking him occasionally on the stomach.*

"Damn Bruce... that tongue... it's magic. Oh God, damn yes."

*With his skill at gymnastics, Dick spreads his legs as wide as possible with the greatest of ease giving his mentor the best possible access to his trembling hole. He wants to do whatever he can to ensure he could fit more of Bruce's tongue inside him. It's official, this is better than crime fighting.*

BRUCE: *groans around his mouthful as he makes a few final licks before reaching under the medical table to bring out a small plastic tube. Pouring the slick gel into his fingers, he rubs them together briefly to warm it before pressing a finger at the freshly-reamed-out entrance* "Are you ready for this, Dick? I need you to want this."

DICK: "You're not going to make me beg for it, are you?" *Dick recoils back and edges himself further upwards onto the bed. Then he places two fingers in his mouth and begins licking them. He sucks them into his mouth and gives them a lingering swish before pulling them out and placed them at his hole. He stretches and pulls at his hole, taunting the older man. He slips on finger in and then the other. Dicks moans and starts to penetrate himself.* "If you want this... uggh... you should... fffuck... take it."

BRUCE: *This changes the plan completely. Bruce had assumed the younger man was a virgin, inexperienced with the ways of self-pleasure. With the sight...the absurdly arousing sight...of Dick fingering himself, the entire equation has been changed. Now, there is only the need...the want...that's been building up inside him for years, exacerbated by a lungful of pollen.

He covers Dick's body again with his own, his powerful hands gripping his ward's thighs, and guides his aching, steel-hard, heretofore-unattended cock to the entrance. Then, with a low noise halfway between a groan and a growl, Bruce thrusts, pushing his cock between Dick's legs and filling him completely with one fluid motion.*

DICK: *cries out. For all his bravado and seduction, the boy was, in fact, a virgin. He'd hoped somehow that he could fake it, pretend as if he'd done all this before. He'd seen pornos before and it didn't look too bad. He'd even tried fingering himself to experiment but found himself too tight. Bruce seems to have fixed that particular problem.*

"Bruce!!" *Dick reaches around and grabs onto his mentor's strong neck. He pulls himself upward for a kiss but fails to connect and falls back down onto the bed.* "You're... really..." *Dick grunts and pauses to adjust himself. He feels as if he's being pulled apart yet his entire body is telling him that he wants this. There is nothing, not even the dull pain he feels, which will stop him from getting what he wants.* "Aw fuck Bruce... that thing is huge."

BRUCE: I hurt him... *the stab of guilt knifes through him, threatening to kill the mood, perhaps ruin their whole relationship, just as it's reaching levels undreamt of. But then he looks at Dick, watches the dilation of his pupils, the flush of his skin, and most of all the aching, raging hardness between his thighs, and his guilt is assuaged, replaced by a savage arousal at the sight of Dick, naked and impaled on his cock...the mental image he's spent many a night alone masturbating to...only it's real. He's in front of him, pleading for more...and more is what Bruce gives, in slow, torturous pushes, in and out...giving Dick plenty of time to acclimatize to the feel of his thick shaft inside him.* "Dick...this is...incredible." *For a man of as few words as Bruce, that's high praise indeed*

DICK: "Bruce... I..." *What could he say? He wants to say everything. He wants to tell Bruce that he loves him, always had. But somehow feels it would seem insincere. He stays silent; instead, he allows his hands to do the talking. His fingers trail their way up from his perfectly-formed abs up towards his chest, watching as the dark hairs part for his gentle fingers. He traces the many scars across Bruce's chest. Scratches, slashes and even a bullet wound. For all the imperfections on him, Dick feels that Bruce couldn't be more perfect. Dick's hands roam over to Bruce's nipples. Remembering how damn good it felt to have Bruce tweak his, he begins to flick and pinch the erect nipples. The adventure Dick's hands have been having is interrupted by a sudden jolt through the young man's body.*

"Aw Bruce... dammit... you're..."

*Dick leaves Bruce's chest and immediately grabs hold of the sheets. Balling up his fists tight, Dick looked into his lovers eyes.* "That feels... you're... God fucking dammit... shit motherfucker... Bruce... harder... faster... whatever you're doing keep on doing it!!"

BRUCE: "...Keep talking..." *His hips seem to somehow escape his control, especially with the combination of Dick's filthy mouth and his hands on Bruce's nipples. His cock, if possible, gets even harder inside his partner's ass, and if he were Kryptonian, his gaze would be burning right through Dick* "The reason I scolded you about the language..was because every time you cursed...I could feel it. In my groin...in my balls. Hearing you use foul language...it was all I could do not to rip your clothes off and have you...before it was time."

DICK: "If I'd have known..." *Another grunt. Dick is beginning to feel as if he'd devolved into a caveman. What did he really care though?* "Fuck!! Oh God... Bruce the way you... you feel so good and I... I don't know how to tell you. Your cock just does something to me. I just... I want you to really give it to me. Fuck me, teach me how to be a man. How to fuck like a man." *Dick pushes back, driving all of Bruce's length into him. His strength gives out and instead he submits himself totally to the older man. All he can do now is tighten himself around Bruce's large tool.*

BRUCE: *hearing Dick, feeling the clench of his ass around him, seeing him writhe on the end of his dick...it's a hundred thousand fantasies come true for Bruce. And as a result, his thrusts come faster, harder, and more urgently. Even though he's technically the one on top, with more experience, when Dick starts running that filthy mouth of his, Bruce can't deny him anything...and so within the space of moments, he's plowing Dick hard enough to make the bed rattle and thump in protest, his face intense and focused as his cock pistons in and out of Dick's willing ass* "Stroke it for me, Dick...I'm getting close...remember your timing, I want us to finish together."

DICK: *almost doesn't hear Bruce's words. He can hear their slapping flesh, the sloshing sound of Bruce going in and out of his no-longer-virgin hole as well as the sound of his pounding heartbeat echoing in his hears. He catches the last part though. He raises his shaking hand from the bed and wraps it lazily around his cock. The touch alone is enough to sky-rocket him towards his peak. With Bruce fucking him so hard and so fast, he's seconds away. He wanted to cum together. But Dick couldn't last.*

"Aw fuck Bruce... I... fuck yeah.... I'm going to cum again. Shit!!"

BRUCE: *has been riding the knife's edge for so long now the sound of Dick's impending release is enough to push him those few extra millimeters. With his mind almost completely subsumed into lust and ferality, he plows Dick relentlessly* "So beautiful...my partner...my lover...my man." *The word 'man,' the reality of his ward's adulthood and willingness, sends Bruce into a series of explosive thrusts as he squeezes his eyes shut and roars out his climax, cock churning inside Dick's ass as it spurts shot after shot of seed into the willing hole, for the first time...but definitely not the last, if Bruce has any say in it*

DICK: *comes almost simultaneously with his mentor. As soon as the first shot splashes his insides, Dick's body shudders and he's blowing his second load of the day. Bruce's powerful thrusts are still rocking their bodies as Dick lets loose, causing his seed to shoot every which way. With one thrust, he splatters his face, and the next, Bruce's stomach. If anything, this orgasm is more powerful than the first. There is something about being drenched in Bruce's sticky spunk that really has Dick going. Dick screams out every curse word he knows as his climax reaches its end. Flopping back onto the bed.*

"Bruce I..." *The words 'I love you' find themselves in the Boy Wonder's throat. He chokes them back and then looks at the beautiful man before him. "We're going to have to do that again. And again. Hell, give me half and hour and I'll be ready."

BRUCE: *With the orgasm fading, the effects of the pollen seem to subside, and Bruce comes back to himself. But, looking over the naked, cum-drenched form of his now-adult ward, he can't bring himself to feel any form of remorse for his actions.* "We're designing you a new costume, first thing tomorrow. You're a man; no sense in you dressing like a boy anymore." *His eyes roam to the discarded Robin clothes scattered the Batcave.* "Maybe we'll keep hold of the old one...for personal use. *He pulls out of his partner, leaning down to kiss him one more time, tenderly, passionately.* "But in the meantime, it's time for a shower, and then some rest." Naked and unashamed, he heads for the Batcave's washroom facilities, stopping only to turn back to Dick with a real, honest smile.*


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